Field Trip Days One and a half!

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Internet service! Looks like I'll be able to post some blogs about the trip. Yesterday we drove about five hours from Hangzhou to Lishui, which is still in the Zhejiang Province. We looked at some large clutches of about a dozen eggs that were being housed in an upstairs entryway above the "temporary" museum, which is below. The eggs were neat, however, Danny noticed that the eggs we saw were the same as the described in our handouts... with different names. Cataloging we have noticed is not done like it is in the U.S. of A. We like to write down GPS, landmarks, topography, everything! Here it may say "Zhejiang Province, behind tea shop." No joking.

In the museum, we have sorted out three types of eggs we've been cataloging, although no one knows what they belonged to.

In Lishui we were also taken to an art gallery, and finished off the night with a nice dinner... the food never stopped coming!

Today we went prospecting in the morning around Lishui. The landscape is covered with highly oxidized soil... so red dirt. And boy it was muddy! We found some burrows, which are considered trace fossils, and hiked the hills some more. A family in the town we were in cooked us lunch, and it was delicious!

After lunch we started on our way to Dongyang. A few kilometers out of Dongyang, Dr. Jin, paleontologist of The Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, saw some construction going on the side of the road. Lots of rocks. So we made a U turn, and started prospecting! Found some minerals, but no eggs. (Eggs have been found commonly when construction is taking place).

At the hotel in Dongyang now. More updates to come!



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