Hangzhou and the eggs continue!

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Well for the past two days, we've been at work on the dinosaur eggs. Morphology can take a little while, so depending on the crates, we can manage a crate of eggs every couple hours. But things are picking up speed.

We started working with a microscope as well today, which allows us to see the bands of "crystal" and calcite. On one particular egg, there were six bands of color. It was a sight to see. However, this morning (Thursday in China), Dave mentioned that we should try and measure our egg shell thickness under the microscope. This was a little cumbersome, so we decided to continue what we were doing... but what we thought was texture and patterns on the surface, made us ponder what we saw under the microscope.

Looking under the scope, patterns we thought we saw turned to ambiguous material, which led to a two hour delay this morning. Got back on track around 11, and then a egg cluster took some time this afternoon as well.

Pedlars have delicious food! And gelato CAN be found in China ;)


More news to come! We might be taking a road trip this coming Sunday and Monday.


See you all in a Month!


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