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So in case any of you who are reading this lovely little blog don't happen to have a world clock on you.... I'm in the future! The area of China that I am currently residing in ten hours ahead the MDT zone, and you switch the P.M. to A.M. Which means at midnight tonight, it will be Saturday for our group in China, and 10:30 am for you folks.

Today was a fairly productive day in the lab. We started at our normal time around nine o'clock and everything was going dandy. A half hour later though, we were pulled out by the director of the museum! (A very nice lady I might add). Apparently today was their grand opening of a new Ecological awareness exhibit. I can't recall the exact name of the exhibit, but it gave information about the pollution in the Zhejiang province, and how the can make the environment better, and what they have already accomplished.

We were all standing in a group towards the back when the orientation was being given. We didn't understand what the speakers were saying.... so we clapped when everyone else clapped! It worked out well ;) There were also many news stations, cameras, and journalists at the opening. In the end Nathan Carroll and I were interviewed by one tv station (the reporter could speak english fairly well!) and we were asked our views on the new exhibits, and if there was anything like the exhibit we saw today in the US. I was asked about my view on the exhibits and what I thought about the Zhejiang province protecting itself against pollution. Interview skills to the max! Thank you pageantry.

About an hour, we made our way back to the basement. Due to our two hour delay from yesterday, we had a LOT of catching up to do. Thankfully, our group is flexible. When the sedimentary and taphonomy groups were finished with their tasks for the day, taphonomy helped the the logging of shell thickness and dimensions, while Jasmine helped Paige take the measurements. Jordan and I worked on the description of the texture and ornamentaion of the eggs and the coloration of the mineralization in the shell. We got through one whole crate today... 8102-2A through 8102-2X... so ALMOST the entire alphabet.

For lunch, Ash, Jordan, Jasmine, and I went to a noodle shop where they made fresh noodles on the spot. They would take their dough at slice off ribbons into boiling water on the outside of the shop. (The shops are quite small, only about 12 ft by 8ft). But the food is delicious!


Retracking back to last night! We did find gelato and yummy streetside food. BUT. I forgot to mention where we went BETWEEN the gelato and pedlars.... I have dubbed it the "Rich People's Mall."

Inside was Dior, Gucci, Armani, Hermes, Burberry, Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton... I have never seen so many expensive items in on place at one time. $50,000 pieces of jewelry... over $2000 for just a normal guy shirt.... in U.S. dollars! 0_o And THAT was only the beginning...

But I am off! More blogging to come. We might be going to a city nearby that is built upon canals and a river. Should be breathtaking!


Later gators,


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