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Well today we were finally able to begin our work at the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. We started off with filling out identification cards in the hotel lobby, which will be used as I.D. passes to go into secure areas. Our guide let us venture through the museum which was three levels. The set up was great! And the displays were neat. Although the taxadermy on A LOT of the animals needs some redos... I'll have to post some photos when I get back.

Our work for the next few weeks will be held in the basement of the museum, which is actually quite new to the building. There are hundreds of eggs, and the cataloging will be difficult to understand because A) It's in Chinese; B) There is no data; and C) the eggs were put into baskets in no particular arrangement or from which egg nests and so forth... it's just what they found and stuck in a box.

Today was a prep plan and examination of some of the eggs. The egg size and shape of several suggest that they belong to different dinosaurs, but we will be gathering data as we go.

We are going to split into different groups based on sedimentary, taphonomy, and morphology. I will be helping out in the morpholgy aspect of it. I might be helping with the spreadsheets as well. More information about museum in the near future...

Dinner was on our own tonight, although we met for drinks to go over the initial plan.

Annie and I decided to branch off and eat on our own, shop a little, and walk. Well. When we went out for drinks, we ended up on the "sports" street, so it was difficult to find a restaurant. We walked through some alleyways, and shortcuts before we ended on a street and found one... After shopping and getting a bite to eat... lets just say Annie and I had a nice three hour walk around the city. We passed Chanel, Gucci, regular malls, mom and pop shops, places that could be considered "sketchy", and when we were walking on the path alongside the bridge, we could hear music coming from inside... underground club? It was a pretty fun evening ;) And there are no lack of stares coming our way. We are very different looking, and many times this trip we have all been called "beautiful" or "handsome." If you need an ego boost, come to China! Lol.






I almost forgot to mention! When we were having our meeting, Ash ordered some "dare" food. One was some cicadas. Big butts, claws, eyes, creepiness and everything. They weren't bad at all. I ate a second because it was just that tasty. They were roasted, so it was all meaty inside.

Yum yum.

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