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Looking for that tasty recipe? Sweets galore? Look no further!

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 And a little story to go with it ;)

Living an in urban area, I have tried many different foods. My favorite is my dad's dish from when I was a little girl. I'm happy to share something I enjoy that was created by someone I love....

As a child I was raised in western Washington less than three miles from Puget Sound. Although there was no particular traditional recipe that was passed down in my family, there was a distinctive family favorite dish, which was “Seafood Fettuccine”. This was my Dad's creation. Living near the Pacific Coast, seafood was often a favorite main dish in my family home at least once a week. We ate crab that we caught in our crab pots. We also ate flounder, mackerel, and salmon that were caught off the pier near our home. My dad is the cook of the home, and the smells that would be conjured up from his off-the-hip recipes were fun and never exactly the same way twice until he learned how to make a basic Alfredo sauce from scratch. The sauce included cream cheese, milk or cream, real butter, and Parmesan cheese. The ingredients were cooked on low heat until melted. What made the sauce unique was what was added; bacon, shrimp, olives, and crab. The style of noodles would change from time to time to make the dish a little interesting each time, but the most popular were the fettuccine noodles. One Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey with the normal American fixings, we had a seafood dinner with my Dad's dish as the main entrée. I am now a college student in Bozeman, Montana. Beef or venison seems to be the popular trend in the area. I have access to a kitchen and have made my Dad's dish for my friends. I am often surprised on how many people haven't tried seafood from the ocean. My culinary experiences in my youth are a prime example of one's environment and what is eaten locally. I am happy to share a new culinary experience with my college classmates, and introducing them to new foods that they would not typically eat.

-Chantell Bury

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