To plunge... or not to plunge. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

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Well, we are continuing Monday's blog, but I felt that this should be added to the history books.

If you don't happen to know about the sewer systems or piping in China, it is all fairly old, and the pipes are much thinner than our Western pipes. We were told during our workshops in Bozeman to NOT flush the toilet paper down the toilets, as they will clog up the pipes and eventually burst them.

Apparantly, one soul forgot about this cardinal rule. And I happened to be the person after them. Let's just say that the water ROSE. There was something in that piping besides toilet paper.... plop! Up to the surface IT came.

And so the poor soul to whom this plop belonged to, listening to music on her computer, heard this terrible news.

We looked up the characters for "plunger" on the internet, and I wrote down the characters. Well, my Chinese writing is NOT fluent. We went down to the front desk and I showed her the characters, and she couldn't understand my writing... heck, I couldn't understand my writing....

So what do I do? I went PICTIONARY on the situation. Drawing a cute little western toilet and a giant plunger. Well the picture did it, and she understood. We were all laughing.

So here we are with a scribble of a toilet and plunger, a real plunger wrapped in plastic, laughing our heads off, getting to the elevator before anyone else comes in the hall. Nine floors later...

We are now in the bathroom, and to my dismay, this poor soul whose PLOP is floating near the brim, has NEVER plunged a toilet before. Yay me.

Let's just say I showed her a quick example, and let this unnamed person begin their new experience of plunging. We eventually got the toilet down.

So this poor soul cleans off the plunger and wraps it back in plastic. Being the kind soul I am I accompany this person to the front desk again... and JUST as we are about to go into the elevator... and energetic other someone comes rushing to the area with their camera intow! Well, unfortunately, the energetic someone's camera was set on a timer, so critical moments were missed. We got a few.

Makes for a funny fifteen minutes.

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