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Hello everyone! Made it safely to Shanghai. And we got there in a little over 11 hours! Nice tailwind ;)

The smells of Shanghai are very odd. From the salt in the humid air, to the smells of food, and other things. If you focus on it for a bit, it can actually become a little nauseating.

We are staying at the Metropole Hotel, a few blocks from The Bund, and thankfully they have western plugin outlets! And western toilets! We have encountered mostly "squatties" in public places, and you have to carry your own toilet paper with you.

For dinner the first night in Shanghai, we ate above a restaurant, and ordered several items off the menu. We ate anything from white rice, to eel, to hoof soup. It was ALL delicious!


Today was a funfilled day of walking. We ate breakfast ate a soy milk restaurant. Had a bowl of warm soy milk, dumplings, and a frybread type food. We walked along The Bund, and some shopping centers around there. At The Bund we were stopped a few times to be included in photos from local people and tourists. Not too many caucasion people floating around! We ate lunch at a place called.. East Dawning? I think that's what it was called. I had a soup with two dumplings filled with fish, and an iced plum tea. Later, we took the subway for the first time too :)  It was all very crowded, but fun.

We also walked around the shopping centers near The Bund, and eventually made our way to a nice garden park. Afterwards, we went to a Modern Art Museum. It was interesting to say the least; some art you loved, others made you nauseous. Gotta love inspiration.


 Well, we are getting ready for dinner soon. Catch you all later!

 Chantell Bury

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