SoSo Club... is not so so!

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Last night after our excursion in the wetlands, Krista, myself, Jordan, Nathan, and Danny went to a club a few minutes walk away called the SoSo Club. We were ushered in the entrance by a couple of "bodyguards" and then were taken through a thick, black curtain... it was amazing! There was an entire DJ area in the center with a small raised dance floor, bar tables and stools everywhere, lights, fog, and these giant glass chandeliers that would pulse to the music. It was definitely a treat to also listen to American dance music mixed with Chinese techno/disco. The five of us bought some beverages and bobbed our heads to the music. When we recognized a song we knew, Nathan and I went up and danced. It was a lot of fun! Eventually the whole group was dancing away with some locals. Later into the evening, we were approached by a resident who went to Princeton for four years. His name was Kevin, and apparently he saw us dancing ( we WERE the only foreigners there) and invited us up on the balcony area. Turns out it was a VIP type balcony... very sweet. So we made new friends, great music, and we actually ended up leaving early due to a minor injury. Someone accidentally stepped on my foot and CRACK! my toenail has a nice big crack in it. Gauze is a wonderful thing mind you, haha. Hopefully next time we will dance the night a way a little longer! Doing the Disco, Chantell

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