Water town... or ghost town?

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Good evening citizens!

So yesterday we all took a bus to a water town, which was about an hour from Hangzhou. We get off at the bus station and it looks like a ghost town! It was definitely eerie coming from the noises and commotion of a city (I wonder what it will feel like going back to Montana?). There were very few people bustling about, and there wasn't any water that we could see. So we began to trudge along the roadside and walked past some shops... we eventually found a sign that pointed us in the direction of a place to sightsee... a water town! It was about a kilometer away, so we decided to walk there.

After passing a pink castle looking building dubbed "The Chinese Neverneverland Ranch," many prying eyes, and a tile making business, we made it to our destination... Wuzhen! Apparently during the weekdays (especially DURING the daytime, it is slow inside the water town), but on the weekends, it's insane! When we first walked past the ticket stand, a mini wax museum greeted us. Well, if you've seen "House of Wax," it was pretty creepy! But the history was nice.

We ventured to a building were peope dyed silks, several restaurants, hotels, and shops were also located in Wuzhen. The scenic views not only included the canals running between the buildings, but the buildings themselves! Some of the group went on a boat ride, while Ash, Jordan, Annie, and I decided to walk along the canal. We stopped by a little cafe and shared some tiramisu. Delicious! There were gardens and walkways, and at the end we all had something cool to drink. After seeing the Grand Canal, we hustled our way back to the bus station, which was a distance from Wuzhen. I'm sure all of us were sweating bullets by the time we made it to the station. We were planning on taking the 4:15 bus back to Hangzhou... we missed it by mere minutes. Thankfully, we only had to wait a little over half and hour for the next bus. The walking from the day before and our walking in Wuzhen beneath the sun really takes a toll on a person! We all called it an early night after some muslim noodles for dinner :)

Looks like tonight will be a fairly quiet one as well, but we may be going to the cinema here sometime this week! Possible film to be "The Prince of Persia"... with Chinese subtitles ;)



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