WORLD EXPO! And Travel to Hangzhou.

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Hello fellow bloggers!

Right now I'm in Hangzhou, about two hours from Shanghai. Yesterday we all went to the Shanghai World Expo (World's Fair). It was amazing! It would take at least a week to walk through and see only a part of the fair. The countries I was able to see was first, The African Pavilion. It was a large building with almost all the countries of Africa. Egypt and South Africa had their own pavilion. The UK Pavilion was spectacular! Nathan, Krista, Paige, and I waited in line for about 40 minutes. We had the "turns" in the line pretty well down (People would budge through, or cut in line)... it was as close to marching band movements as you can get. The inside of the structure was filled with all different types of seeds, all centered in long pieces of a plexiglass/glass material. The movement inside was breathtaking. I am ashamed at myself for only observing, and not taking pictures of the inside. How dumb of me! Looks like I'll have to "borrow" Nathan's photos... The outside looked like a huge, silver sea urchin, with many many more quills. Also with the giant seedling urchin were two British guys dressed in full body swimsuits from another time, and big buck teeth. It was hilarious how they were making fun of themselves, but in an entertaining way.

The China Expo Pavilion was... the photos for the China Pavilion will never do it justice. The sheer awe of its size and splendor makes you want to stare at it for hours on end. Thank goodness the Chinese government is keeping the China Pavilion intact. The line for this exhibit actually went fairly quickly; if you count being packed like sardines. Walking into the entrance of the pavilion was at the base, and ALL the provinces were inside the base level of the building alone. That just gives you the idea of the building's grandness. It was huge! Hungary, Mongolia (which was located in the building "Asia II"), and the NDR Korea were also viewed. The Hungary Pavilion was focused on one particular feature of it's country... the Gomboc. The Gomboc is the world's first self-righting object. It was really neat to see in action. There were several examples throughout the small but neat exhibit. The ceiling would also move either up or down with hundreds of lengths of wood. The Mongolian Expo showed different parts of it's culture, and the center was filled with a giant dinosaur egg. Inside was a replica of the famous "Dueling Dinos" (Protoceratops and Velociraptor).  Unfortunately the USA Pavilion was closed when we reached there at six. It was the ONLY one closed. Bugger.

This morning we were able to do a little shopping. I picked up a bunch of little trinkets for about 340 Yuan = 50 dollars.

Gotta love this country.



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