XiXi Waterlands National Park

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Well today we ended up having an extra day for sightseeing; apparently there would have been no one at the museum in the basement to open it up for us today. We were thinking about taking a two day trip somewhere (Beijing, or the Huangshan Mountains), but we thought everything was too rushed. We have time at the end of the trip for a group trip... so hopefully the mountains!

So this morning and throughout the afternoon we went to the XiXi Waterlands National Park, which is about two hour walking distance from the hotel. We took the bus in the beginning and walked back.... boy, our feet aren't too happy right now. The park didn't really feel like a "wetlands", more like a large garden. We saw several people pulling weeds around planted trees and such forth. One unique thing about the park was that you could walk under water! There was a path made out of thick plexiglass walls and a wooden walkway. It was really neat to see the critters below the pond. A highlight of our trip included "bubbles!" Annie, Nate, Jasmine, and myself all went into our own blow-up bubbles and got to "run" and fall on water. We were expecting to maybe be on the water for 5 minutes, but it ended up being 15! It was great, and apparently a few people got some funny photos. Looking forward to seeing those!

Tonight we may go to the SoSo Club.... hmm, maybe it's not great, but so so? Haha


Later gators,


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