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Back in Glendive!

Hello everyone!

Back in good 'ole Montana. The last few days in China were very busy. Photos from the trip can be found on my Facebook photos, or if you look up "china_msu" at you can find more!

See everyone around!



Quick rundown.

Forbidden City, Beijing Zoo, Tianamen Square, IVP, walked.. a lot. Subway rides. Chaos. Tomorrow, the Wall!

And the days dwindle to the last...

Tomorrow is our last day in the lovely clean basement of the Zhejiang Natural History Museum. Did I ever mention it has a distinctive smell? Almost a cross between wet paint and other cleaning chemicals. You get used to it.

Well it's a something!

Well it's a something.

Those were the words spoken by Dave after we bought our tickets for the Chinese Opera.

But before that statement was made, let us give a brief look into our trek to the theater.

Back from the Trip!

Hello from Hangzhou! 

Well the field trip went well! We visited several museums, road cuts (will post some photos back in the states), farmland, temples, etc. 

A couple days ago we went prospecting for some dinosaur footprints. Guess where? One the side of a road in a dump area/road cut area. Several specimens were found, and I found one at the end of the two hours! Very happy camper.

We also went prospecting for some eggs, but we didn't have much luck. We saw some previously discovered egg impressions on the side of a road, but that was all.

Field Trip Days One and a half!

Internet service! Looks like I'll be able to post some blogs about the trip. Yesterday we drove about five hours from Hangzhou to Lishui, which is still in the Zhejiang Province. We looked at some large clutches of about a dozen eggs that were being housed in an upstairs entryway above the "temporary" museum, which is below. The eggs were neat, however, Danny noticed that the eggs we saw were the same as the described in our handouts... with different names. Cataloging we have noticed is not done like it is in the U.S. of A.

Field Trip!

Ni Hao!

In about 45 minutes we will be leaving for a 5 day field trip to work on field work in the Zhejiang Province. Updates when we get back!

If you didn't know about the MSU blog of our trip so far, the link is....




SoSo Club... is not so so!

Last night after our excursion in the wetlands, Krista, myself, Jordan, Nathan, and Danny went to a club a few minutes walk away called the SoSo Club. We were ushered in the entrance by a couple of "bodyguards" and then were taken through a thick, black curtain... it was amazing! There was an entire DJ area in the center with a small raised dance floor, bar tables and stools everywhere, lights, fog, and these giant glass chandeliers that would pulse to the music. It was definitely a treat to also listen to American dance music mixed with Chinese techno/disco.

XiXi Waterlands National Park


Well today we ended up having an extra day for sightseeing; apparently there would have been no one at the museum in the basement to open it up for us today. We were thinking about taking a two day trip somewhere (Beijing, or the Huangshan Mountains), but we thought everything was too rushed. We have time at the end of the trip for a group trip... so hopefully the mountains!

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