Prince of Persia... short blog!

Hello everyone!

Past two days we've been working in the basement at the museum on dino eggs ;)

Tonight we went to see Prince of Persia at a local theater in Hangzhou... and Pizza Hut!

Tomorrow going to the wetlands.




Water town... or ghost town?

Good evening citizens!

Karaoke, Silk Market, Lingyin Temple, Old Street, and... clowns on stilts?

Hello everyone!

WOW. Many things have happened in the past two days. After finishing with the eggs on Saturday, I strolled down to the Silk Market (the market is roughly a twenty minute walk from the hotel). Picked up some silk items for gifts, even haggled a little! I'm sure I still got it sold to me at a higher price (tourist attraction), but the comparison is $100 Yuan= $15 USD... it wasn't too bad :)

Message from the future!

So in case any of you who are reading this lovely little blog don't happen to have a world clock on you.... I'm in the future! The area of China that I am currently residing in ten hours ahead the MDT zone, and you switch the P.M. to A.M. Which means at midnight tonight, it will be Saturday for our group in China, and 10:30 am for you folks.

Hangzhou and the eggs continue!


Well for the past two days, we've been at work on the dinosaur eggs. Morphology can take a little while, so depending on the crates, we can manage a crate of eggs every couple hours. But things are picking up speed.

Museum time!

Well today we were finally able to begin our work at the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. We started off with filling out identification cards in the hotel lobby, which will be used as I.D. passes to go into secure areas. Our guide let us venture through the museum which was three levels. The set up was great! And the displays were neat. Although the taxadermy on A LOT of the animals needs some redos... I'll have to post some photos when I get back.

To plunge... or not to plunge. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Well, we are continuing Monday's blog, but I felt that this should be added to the history books.

If you don't happen to know about the sewer systems or piping in China, it is all fairly old, and the pipes are much thinner than our Western pipes. We were told during our workshops in Bozeman to NOT flush the toilet paper down the toilets, as they will clog up the pipes and eventually burst them.

Beginning in Hangzhou... longer blog!

Ni hao!

Well, we made it to Hangzhou! When the train got here to Hangzhou, it was quite difficult to find a taxi driver. Our group got turned down by a dozen different taxies... apparently their shift was ending shortly, and our hotel was too far away for them. We eventually made our way to the basement of the train station where you could wait in line for a taxi to pick you up. We got a taxi after a bit ;)

WORLD EXPO! And Travel to Hangzhou.

Hello fellow bloggers!


Hello everyone! Made it safely to Shanghai. And we got there in a little over 11 hours! Nice tailwind ;)

The smells of Shanghai are very odd. From the salt in the humid air, to the smells of food, and other things. If you focus on it for a bit, it can actually become a little nauseating.

We are staying at the Metropole Hotel, a few blocks from The Bund, and thankfully they have western plugin outlets! And western toilets! We have encountered mostly "squatties" in public places, and you have to carry your own toilet paper with you.

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