BP6-3 Facilities Use Policy

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BP 6-3


APPROVED:  November 25, 2013
EFFECTIVE:  November 25, 2013 


The academic buildings, grounds, athletic fields, gymnasiums, wellness areas and residence halls at Dawson Community College are intended for use by the students, faculty and staff, residents of Dawson County and other communities in keeping with our institutional mission:  “Dawson Community College is committed to creating and continuously improving opportunities for students to:
   Discover their world in excellent academic programs,
   Connect with others through campus and community activities, and
   Contribute to a relevant educational and lifelong learning experience.”

In order to protect and maintain Dawson Community College facilities, the following standards will be established:  1) a formal request and approval system using standard forms and language.  2) appropriate fees for each area to cover the costs of supervision, utilities, wear and tear, maintenance and cleaning.  3) rules for the use of each area in order to protect the facility.  4) use priorities that reflect the educational mission of the institution and values of the community, but ensure access to the various community organizations, local school systems, state, federal, regional and national organizations, conferences and commercial organizations.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES       The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be
                           needed to implement this policy.

 History:  12/11/73; 1/77; 1/28/87; 6/29/92; 11/27/95; 12/18/01; 7/24/06

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