Classified Staff

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C.1 Classification


Classified Staff at Dawson Community College are employees who are not faculty members or administrative officers of the college.


C.2 Evaluation of Classified Staff

See BP/CP 2-4: Evaluation of Classified Staff.


C.3 Leaves


C.3.1 Annual Vacation Leave


Classified staff members are entitled to annual vacation leave as per the following rate table:

A. 1 – 10 years of service = 1 ¼ days per month (10 hours)

B. 11 – 15 years of service = 1 ½ days per month (12 hours)

C. 16 – 20 years of service = 1 ¾ days per month (14 hours)

D. 21 or more years of service = 2 days per month (16 hours)


A classified employee may accumulate a total of no more than two (2) years of unused, annual vacation leave. Any unused annual vacation leave above that amount will be forfeited.


A classified employee who is separated from service is entitled to cash compensation for unused vacation pay.


Employees with less than six (6) months of continuous service to the College are ineligible to use annual vacation leave during that period.


C.3.2 Holiday Leave


The college will be closed on those holidays designated by the College President. Generally, state approved holidays will be observed unless school is in session. In these instances, compensatory time may be accrued to be used at a later date.


C.3.3 Leave of Absence without Pay


Short leaves of absence without pay may be granted with approval of both the immediate supervisor and the President.


C.3.4 Part-Time Classified Staff Leave Benefits


Classified staff positions that are more than half-time, but less than full-time are eligible for leave benefits calculated on a pro rata basis.


C.3.5 Sick Leave


Full-time and permanent part-time classified employees are entitled to sick leave with full pay at the rate of one working day for each month of service. The employee is entitled to sick leave only after 90 days of continuous employment, and is entitled to credit for sick leave earned during that period. Accumulated sick leave is paid to the employee at the rate of 25 percent when an employee leaves employment.


C.4 Overtime/Compensation Time


Classified staff may be allowed to accrue overtime or comp time when they must work additional hours within the monthly pay period to complete their job duties. Compensatory time is not to be claimed in connection with attendance at seminars or meetings which are primarily for professional development.


The employee is required to obtain written permission from their immediate supervisor to accrue overtime/comp time or use comp time. Work should be scheduled and overloads anticipated so that comp time will be the preferred method; overtime will be allowed only in emergency situations and on a very limited basis.


Overtime/comp time will be accrued at a rate of one and a half hours for every hour worked. Comp time should be used during the semester in which it is earned.


C.5 Probationary Period


All new, rehired, and newly-promoted employees, excluding faculty, work on a provisional basis for the first six months. An employee is encouraged to take advantage of this period to determine whether the position meets one’s expectations and to get clarification regarding responsibilities. The College will use this period to evaluate an employee’s capabilities and work habits. Either the College or the employee may end the employment relationship at will, with or without cause.


If an employee is absent from work for any significant time during the first six months, the provisional period will be extended by the length of the absence automatically. In addition, if the College determines that it has not had sufficient time for a thorough evaluation of one’s performance, it may choose to extend the provisional period for a specified length of time. The employee’s supervisor will notify him/her of any extension, its length and reason.


Provisional employment status does not affect eligibility for employer-provided benefits. The terms and conditions of each determine eligibility for such programs.


If newly hired, an employee will receive a performance appraisal after the first 90 days and at the completion of the provisional period. Subsequent reviews occur annually on the job-anniversary date, with an informal performance discussion every six months.


C.6 Resignation


A classified employee resigning his/her position at Dawson Community College is requested to give notice to his/her supervisor at least two weeks before the termination date. Also refer to A.19 (Separation from Employment).


C.7 Salary


Classified staff salaries are paid at an hourly rate. A concerted effort is made to maintain fair wage and/or salary range for each position. Placement on the Classified Staff Salary Schedule is determined by three major factors: skills, responsibilities, and working conditions. Advancement on the salary schedule is determined by satisfactory work performance and length of service. The college does not grant automatic salary increases. No salary advances will be paid by Dawson Community College.


When a job description specifies that the educational requirements are a Bachelor’s degree or the combination of an Associate’s degree and related work experience, this means an applicant has two ways in which to meet the requirements. The first is the possession of a Bachelor’s degree. The second is a combination of an Associate’s degree and six (6) years of work experience directly related to the nature of the work to be performed. Unrelated work experience will not be counted.


C.8 Selection of Classified Staff


Classified staff will be selected according to procedures required by statute and regulation. The procedure for selection will be similar to that described under BP/CP 2-5: Faculty Hiring Requirements. However, appropriate modifications to these procedures will be determined by the respective Dean and the AA/EOE Officer.


C.9 Termination


Except for situations involving termination for cause, a financial exigency, or termination within the probationary period, classified employees will be given a written notice of intent not to renew their contracts at least 30 days prior to the expiration date during the first year of employment, three months prior to the expiration date during the second year of employment, or six months prior to the expiration date during the third and subsequent years of employment in a full-time position.


C.10 Timesheets


Classified staff members are required to document hours worked by means of a timesheet. The college pays twice each month (on the 5th and 20th or the last working day prior to these dates if these dates fall on a weekend or holiday). Classified staff must complete their timesheet, secure their supervisor’s signature on the form, and submit the completed form to the Business Office by the 1st and the 16th of each month.


C.11 Working Hours


Standard working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Working hours may vary according to the terms arranged at the time of appointment. The normal work week is 40 hours. Normally, the lunch period is 30 minutes. Summer hours may vary. The work week starts Sunday at 12:00 a.m. and ends at midnight on the following Saturday.


Staff may arrange “flex-time” hours with the approval of the appropriate Dean, in order to adequately address their job duties. All classified staff must complete time sheets and turn them in to their supervisor for approval at the end of each pay period. Planned-for-absences must be documented on an absence report and be authorized by the immediate supervisor prior to the absence. Unplanned-for-absences (e.g., illness, bereavement, etc.) must also be documented on an absence report and be authorized by the immediate supervisor upon the employee’s return to campus.


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