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If you are an employee, follow these steps to request any IT/AV equipment:

  1. Create a new appointment in your calendar at the time when you need the equipment.
  2. Click More Details...
  3. Find the link that says 'Show Resources' on the right hand side near the top of the Zimbra Webmail.
  4. Type the name of the equipment you need to use (projector, projector screen, television, laptop, or video camera). Zimbra will automatically try to complete what you are typing.
  5. Click the Show link next to Scheduler to see if the equipment you want is available. If it is not, choose a different item (example: Projector 2 instead of Projector 1).

If you need to check-out equipment that is not available in Zimbra, or you are not an employee, please submit a helpdesk ticket via Here is a list of the equipment available:

  • 2 portable projectors
  • 2 MiniDV video cameras - Dover and Concord
  • 3 portable screens - Madison, Montgomery, Lansing
  • 2 laptops
  • 1 MacPro (for video editing)
  • 1 HD video camera (on-campus only) - Annapolis
  • 1 DVD-VCR convertor - Lincoln
  • 2 TV's with VCR and DVD - Providence and Olympia
  • 2 projector stands (can also be used for a laptop) - Trenton and Jackson
  • 3 tripods - Topeka, Richmond, Pierre
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