CP1-2 Institutional Effectiveness

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CP 1-2


APPROVED:  March 26, 2012
EFFECTIVE:  March 26, 2012


In its policy on Educational Assessment (2.2), the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities “expects each institution and program to adopt an assessment plan responsive to its mission and needs.”  The policy goes on to say that “each institution has an obligation to plan carefully its courses of instruction to respond to student needs, to evaluate the effectiveness of that educational program in terms of the change it brings about in students, and to make improvements in the program dictated by the evaluative process.”

Even though the Commission leaves the details of educational assessment up to each institution, the information gleaned from any accountability process should be of value to students, faculty, staff, and the public.  As the policy states:  “The intent of the Commission policy is to stress outcomes assessment as an essential part of the ongoing institutional self-study and accreditation processes, to underline the necessary for each institution to formulate a plan which provides for a series of outcome measures that are internally consistent and in accord with its mission and structure, and, finally, to provide some examples of a variety of successful plans for assessing educational outcomes.”

In keeping with the Commission’s Policy on Educational Assessment, Dawson Community College has developed an “Outcomes Assessment Plan.”  This plan addresses each of the institution’s five purpose statements and identifies pertinent success indicators, the individual(s) responsible data collection, the data source(s), time table for data collection, the individual(s) responsible for evaluating and analyzing the data, and projected improvements.  Upon completion of each academic year, an annual institutional effectiveness report will be produced summarizing all findings and recommendations.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

History:  8/25/03

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