CP2-10 Computer Information System Usage

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CP 2-10


APPROVED: January 27, 1997
EFFECTIVE: January 27, 1997


The DCC computer information system shall be used in a manner consistent with the directives of the system administrators and/or hardware and software manufacturers. Users shall not misuse or negligently or intentionally damage or destroy computer hardware or software. This prohibition does not limit system administrators from the authorized disposal or salvage of broken or obsolete equipment, deleting virus-infected programs, removing unnecessary or damaged files, and/or protecting privacy rights, etc.

In making acceptable use of resources, you must:
• use resources only for authorized purposes;
• access only files and data that are your own, that are publicly available, or to which you
  have been given authorized access;
• use only legal versions of copyrighted software in compliance with vendor license
• be considerate in your use of shared resources by refraining from monopolizing
  systems, overloading networks with excessive data, or wasting computer time, connect
  time, disk space, printer paper, manuals or other resources; and
• use resources only for the purposes which will support and further the purpose of DCC
  as stated in the College Catalog.

The following actions set forth some forms of prohibited misuse of the computer information system. You must not:
• use another person’s system, user ID, password, files, or data;
• use computer programs to decode passwords or access control information;
• attempt to circumvent or subvert system or network security measures;
• engage in any activity that might be harmful to systems or to any information stored
  thereon, such as creating or propagating viruses, disrupting services, or damaging files;
• use DCC systems for commercial or political purposes, such as using electronic mail to
  circulate advertising for products or political candidates;
• make or use illegal copies of copyrighted software, store such copies on DCC systems,
  or transmit them over DCC networks; 
• use mail or messaging services to harass, intimidate, or otherwise annoy another
  person by broadcasting unsolicited messages, sending unwanted mail, etc.;
• waste computing resources, such as intentionally placing a program in an endless loop
  or printing excessive amount of text or graphics;
• use the DCC system or networks for personal gain; or
• engage in any other activity that does not comply with BP and/or DCC policy as stated
  in the College Catalog.

DCC considers any violation of acceptable use principles or guidelines to be a serious offense and reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information on the College systems allegedly related to unacceptable use. Violations of BP and/or the procedures herein described may result in corrective action which may include, but is not limited to, a warning to correct inappropriate activity, suspension of the user’s account(s) and/or access privileges, disciplinary actions taken by the system and/or college administrators, or prosecution of any violation of state or federal law.

Suspension of a user’s account and/or access privileges may be appealed through the DCC Technology Committee.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.
















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