CP2-5 Faculty Hiring Requirements

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CP 2-5


APPROVED:  February 27, 2012
EFFECTIVE:  February 27, 2012


1. The position description will be developed jointly by the Department Chairman,
    members of the respective Department, and the Dean of Instructional Services.
2. The position will be posted internally for a period of one full work-week.  If qualified,
    internal applicants are received, the Department Chairman and Dean of Instructional
    Services will determine if external advertisement is necessary. 
3. If no internal applications are received by the first work day of the second week or if
    internal applications are determined by the Department Chair and Dean of Instructional
    Services to be unqualified, vacancy announcements will then be mailed to appropriate
    newspapers, professional journals, the local Job Service Office, and placement offices
    at appropriate colleges and universities.  The selection of additional posting methods
    will be made by the Dean of Instructional Services and the Department Chairman.
4. Applications are to be sent to the Human Resources office where they will be screened
    for completeness and compliance with minimum position qualifications/experience.  An
    application file will be considered as complete when it includes:

  •  A letter of application for the posted position
  •  The college application form
  •  A resume
  •  A copy of college transcripts (unofficial) – official copies required prior to
     issuance of first contract
  •  The names, addresses, and phone numbers of three professional references
  •  Credential Verification form

5. In the cases where minimum requirements for the position include a Bachelor’s
   degree, the individual must also submit an approved plan of study for obtaining a
   Master’s degree.
6. Prospective applicants will be notified of the completeness of their application, and will
    continue to receive notifications of their status throughout the search process.
7. A criminal background check will be initiated for the successful candidate.

CP 2-5
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The search and screening committee will be appointed by the Dean of Instructional Services and Human Resources Officer and generally will be comprised of the following members:

  • Dean of Instructional Services (committee chair)
  • Department Chairman where vacancy exists
  • Faculty member from the respective department
  • Faculty member from another department
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Student Services representative (preferably the AA/EEO Officer)

Note:  membership exceptions may be made with the approval of the Dean of Instructional Services.

• The search and screening committee will reduce the applicants to no more than five (5)
   finalists by comparing the position requirements with each individual’s application file.
• The top finalists will be contacted for a personal interview including a “teaching
• The committee will interview applicants using a prescribed and consistent format.  Oral
   and/or written questions will be designed by the committee according to the particular
   requirements of the vacant position.  The same questions will be used for all applicants
   for the same position and be approved prior by the Human Resources Officer.
• The Dean of Instructional Service, Department Chair, and Human Resources Officer will
   cooperatively call for references.  The final applicant(s) will be forwarded to the
   President (not prioritized) by the Dean.  After a review of the finalists, the President will
   consult with the Dean regarding the finalists.
• The successful applicant will be contacted by the Dean to arrive at an acceptable salary 
   and benefit package, and to make arrangements for beginning employment.  Salary will
   be consistent with the provisions of the Master Agreement, documented on the Salary
   Schedule Placement form, and placed in the faculty member’s file.
• The Human Resources Officer will notify all applicants of the results of the search.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

 History:  08/28/01; 03/22/04; 07/26/10

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