CP6-3 Facility Use Procedures

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CP 6-3


APPROVED: July 24, 2006
EFFECTIVE: July 24, 2006

Dawson Community College Facility Use Procedures

Use of Dawson Community College facilities for special events shall not disrupt regular academic programs or activities of the campus. Students, faculty, staff and organizations affiliated with Dawson Community College shall have priority in the use of college facilities.

Any person or organization requesting special use of campus facilities, shall contact the Dean of Student Services. Additional facilities may be available upon request through the Dean of Instructional Services.

The following categories will be used to determine use priority and fee schedules:

Category 1
Dawson Community College intercollegiate teams
Performing arts student events
Classroom instruction

Category 2
Registered student organizations
Alumni activities
Administration, faculty, and staff sponsored activities directly related to the college

Category 3
Community organizations, non profit
Conferences Local school systems, negotiated price(s) may apply, subject to presidential approval
State and federal government agencies
Regional and national organization

Category 4
Commercial, for profit organizations

Event request - Any person or organization requesting special use of campus facilities, shall contact the Dean of Student Services. 

CP 6-3
Page 2

The person or organization shall assume responsibility for the event and shall be required to obtain liability insurance.
• DCC will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to the users property nor to the user for any bodily injury while on campus
• All users will comply with all college, city, county, and state ordinances, regulations, and statutes that are applicable to the use of the facility.
• Any child or children’s group under the age of 16 must be under direct adult supervision when using any of the college facilities.
• Monthly facility schedules are posted in the building(s) and on the college website; www.dawson.edu .
• Use Agreements shall not be entered into for any use which, in the judgment of the COLLEGE may be in any way prejudicial to the best interest of the COLLEGE or the educational program, or for which satisfactory sponsorship or adequate adult supervision is not provided. Proper police and fire protection shall be provided by the organization when required by the COLLEGE.
• No solicitation - Solicitation of funds by any person or organization unaffiliated with the school may not be conducted unless prior permission is granted in writing by the president.

Commercial activities - No commercial activity or event involving the sale of goods and services, the proceeds from which are to the benefit of a person or organization not associated with the campus, and no sale of food or beverages shall be permitted on campus property unless permission is granted in writing by the president.

Fees - Rents and charges for use of a particular facility may be assessed in amounts sufficient to offset costs of the use of the facility to the campus. The campus may also require a deposit to cover possible damage resulting from the use of the facility. See following statement for charges:

The responsible organization:
1. For any activity scheduled outside of regular business hours will be billed $20.00 per hour (including 1 hour before and after opening the building) to cover overhead costs and building supervision.
2. Is subject to additional charges for custodial services, audio/visual equipment, sound and light technician, and set-up requirements. Groups providing, their own, college pre-approved audio/visual equipment will not be charged technician fees.
3. Request must be accompanied with proof of sufficient liability insurance dependent on the nature of the event; and/or, anyone who uses the facility on a continuous basis must provide a liability certificate at least annually. The certificate must be on file in the Dean of Students Office prior to the use of the facilities.
4. Must provide a refundable deposit of $500/day or $250/half day with any facility usage to cover possible damage resulting from the use of the facility. Deposit due 5 working days prior to event. The deposit will be refunded to the lessee if the facility is returned to its original condition. 

CP 6-3
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5. Must clean the facility within a reasonable time frame (no later than the next day after the facility function).
6. If necessary to cancel, cancellations must be made 5 days prior to event to avoid penalty fees.
7. Must provide an event supervisor and have enough resources to provide crowd management and enforcement of DCC facility use rules and event rules to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.
8. DCC has the right of cancellation without liability if the facility is unavailable or such activities are deemed inappropriate.
9. Must use a standard logo provided by DCC on all advertising materials and flyers if fees are waived due to DCC sponsorship. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to submit proof of publication.
10. Must support the agreement that Dawson has with Glendive Coca Cola, to be the exclusive provider of beverages to the campus. If concession area is used, separate storage is needed for food items or approved beverages or a $75 fee will be assessed to use Coca Cola provided storage.
11. Must complete a Community Service Attendance form and return it with the exit materials (keys, deposit refund request, etc.) to the Dean of Student Services Office at the conclusion of each activity.
12. Total closure of the facility and subsequent fees are negotiable with permission granted in writing by the President of the College.


Equipment – Category 3, 4 Charges $
Table               1.00
Chair         .50
Video/media (projectors,    
Computer      25.00
Coffee Service  (minimum 42 cups)               

Toepke Center – Toepke Gymnasium

The primary function of the gymnasium is for intercollegiate athletic events by currently enrolled students and for other regularly scheduled classes and events. A monthly facility use schedule of all events for the gymnasium and fitness spaces will be posted in the building and on the college website.

The gymnasium floor is designed for court games. Any other activity will require that the floor be adequately protected. A user may have to add a floor cover, be required to wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and to use approved equipment when using these facilities. No food or drink, except in a closed container, will be allowed. 

CP 6-3
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Gymnasium(s) Category 1, 2 Category 3 Category 4
Toepke Gymnasium N/C N/C  $300.00 $150.00 $500.00  $250.00
Gym(s) Floor Cover N/C N/C  $75.00 $75.00
Gym with some
building closure
N/C   Negotiated price
will apply
 Negotiated price
will apply
Multi-Use Gym N/C N/C $100.00 $ 50.00 $150.00  $75.00
Mezzanine N/C N/C $100.00 $ 50.00 $150.00 $75.00
Coca Cola Room   $50.00 $25.00 $50.00 $50.00
Deposit   $500 day                              $250 half day
Custodial Services   Outside of regular business hours $20.00 hr.

Coca Cola Room
The room off the Toepke gym is used for small group instruction, hospitality events and meetings. The room can hold approximately 50 people at an informal gathering.

The upper floor of the gymnasium provides approximately 1000 folding spectator seats for main gym events. The space also houses the practice area for college baseball and softball teams. It is also a space for groups of 50 to 100 people who can congregate for an activity.

Cardio/Weight Rooms, Walking Track
The Exercise Dawson Program is for adults to use the indoor track, weight, cardiovascular rooms, and locker/shower room as scheduled. No fees are being assessed at this time for adults to use the walking track and exercise rooms at Dawson. As a user we do ask that you sign a community use form each day you use any of this space.

Fee Structure Time  Cost
2007/2008 Academic Year Free of Charge

The cardio/weight room, walking track schedules will closely follow the scheduled hours of the building. Hours will be posted at the front entrance of the building and on www.Dawson.edu website. Occasionally these schedules may need to be changed. Whenever that occurs, every effort will be made to inform the general public and students. Neither cardio nor weight room will be staffed fulltime.

Cardio/Weight Rooms
1. Users must have appropriate exercise clothing and footwear at all times. 

CP 6-3
Page 5

2. Be aware of space.
- Give individuals lifting heavy weights enough room to exercise.
- Place weights on floor or storage areas without dropping.
- Workout bags, jackets, etc. may not be allowed in the workout area.
- Allow others to work with and around you, sharing equipment and taking turns.
- Limit your time on equipment when others are waiting.

3. Respect all individuals in the workout room and use appropriate language.

4. Use headphones or keep sound at conversational level.

5. Clean personal space used so nothing sweaty or sticky remains on the equipment.

6. Report faulty equipment to custodial staff or athletic director.

Walking Track

The walking track will be open during regular building hours (6:30a.m. – 10:00p.m.) and additional hours as posted in DCC media. It will be closed during scheduled events like athletic games, special conferences, etc.

1. Respect the other activities that may be going on simultaneously
- Keep discussions and visits to conversational level (Example: basketball practice)

2. Wear comfortable walking attire
- Pack in shoes if outdoor weather has created undesirable conditions. Limited locker room space is available and security is not provided for storage of personal items.

3. Walk in the designated direction. Signs will be posted with directions.
- Even calendar days – right
- Odd calendar days – left

4. Be courteous to other walkers and allow others to pass if necessary.

Concession and Lobby
Use fees are assessed for the spaces when the user is providing all services.

Concession & Lobby Category 1,
Category 3 Category 4
–up to full day N/C $50 $50
Fee may be waived if concessions are provided by DCC.
Lobby Area
–up to full day
 N/C $25  
Set up   $25 $25
Deposit $500 day                    $250 half day
Custodial Services Outside of regular business hours $20.00 hr.

CP 6-3
Page 6

Toepke Center - Performing Arts Center
The primary function of the Performing Arts Facility is student instruction and production. The college also acknowledges and grants the use of this facility as a community resource. Requests will be considered on an individual basis. The Fine Arts Facility uses the previously listed categories to determine use priority and fee schedule.

Performing Arts Center Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4


Light Technician N/C N/C  $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h
Sound Technician  N/C N/C $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h $15/h
Light/Sound Technician N/C N/C $25/h $25/h $15/h $25/h $25/h $25/h
DCC Auditorium N/C N/C $300 $150 $500 $250
Recording and production Dependent on studio and technician time
Piano tuning fee  $150/piano
Recording facility fee    $20/hour plus technician fee
Deposit            $500 day        $250 half day
Custodial Services      Outside of regular business hours $20.00 hr.

The primary function of the auditorium in the Performing Arts Center is academic use by currently enrolled music and theater students and other regularly scheduled classes that are held in the performing arts center. All other use must be approved according to facilities use procedure.
• No food or drink, except water in a closed container, will be allowed in the auditorium and classrooms.
• Proper concert etiquette must be observed at all times.
• Proper precautions must be made to protect the stage floor when necessary.
• Nothing may be attached to the stage curtains. Permission must be obtained in advance for any attachments to ceilings or walls.
• Sound and light technicians will be provided at an additional cost to the renting organization. Only approved (by president’s representative) technicians may operate the equipment in the control booth.
• Access to the catwalk and music and theater storage areas is limited to music and theater students with permission from the music or theater directors, as well as the directors themselves.
• Proper safety precautions must be observed at all times.
• Children under the age of 16 must be directly supervised by a parent or responsible party. 

CP 6-3
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Practice Rooms
• Practice room(s) use will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester with priority given to students enrolled in private lessons.
• Students enrolled in private lessons and music ensembles will be allocated 1 hour per day, per activity for practice room rehearsal. The student reserving the room will have a ten minute courtesy at the beginning of each hour to begin rehearsal. After this time, the room will be available for other students.
• Dawson Community College students currently enrolled in music courses will have priority to use practice rooms.
• No food or drink, except water in a closed container, will be allowed in the practice rooms.
• Dawson Community College is not responsible for instruments, music, books, etc. left in the practice rooms unattended. • Practice rooms are available for music practice only.
• Proper ear protection must be used when necessary.

Recording Studio and Lab
• Recording Studio use will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Only students currently enrolled in the music technology courses may use the studio facility.
• Students enrolled in music technology courses will be allocated studio time according to the amount of enrolled technology coursework. The student reserving the room will have a ten minute courtesy at the beginning of each hour to occupy the room. After this time, the room will be available for use by other technology students.
• No food or drink, except water in a closed container, will be allowed in the recording studio or lab.
• Dawson Community College is not responsible for instruments, music, books, etc. left in the studio or lab unattended.
• When recording large groups in the auditorium, established studio procedure apply.
• Proper ear protection must be used in the studio when necessary.
• Personal equipment used in the studio and lab must be labeled as such.
• Facility usage and technician fees will be charged when recording anyone other than members of the music technology program or those assigned by instructor. 

CP 6-3
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Facility Request

Date of Request _________________

Event:_______________ Sponsor:_______________________ Date:___________

Day(s) Times:_____________ _____________ _____________ ______________

Doors Open/Close:__________________ # attending:______ Adult: ____Youth:____

Facility Description Category _____ Cost Toepke Gym ($300-500day) ($150-250 ½ day) Gym Cover ($75.00) Mezzanine ($100-150 day) ($50-75 ½ day) for 1050 to 2000 attendance Concession & Lobby ($50) (Refrigeration $75) Lobby ($25) Coca Cola Room ($50 day) ($25 ½ day) Auditorium ($300-500day) ($150-250 ½ day) Lights($15 hr) Sound Technician ($15) Recording Studio ($20 hr and technician fee) Computer Lab Certificate of Insurance ____ per occurrence($500,000) ____ aggregate (1,000,000) Facility Total Equipment Amount Cost Services Amount Cost Tables ($1 each) Custodial ($20.00 hour) Chairs ($.50 each) Video/media Coffee @.25 cup, $10.50 min. Computers Piano ($150) Equip & Services Total Deposit Total Cost For Campus Use Only: Gym/Auditorium/Classroom Approval________ Approval date________ Academic Calendar________ Media Calendar________ Concession________ Contract sent________ Deposit Received________ Custodial Workorder________ Deposit Returned________ Date________ Other Action________

CP 6-3
Page 9

This Facility Rental Agreement made between Dawson Community College (hereafter referred to as DCC) and _______________________ (referred to as LESSEE) agree to renting college facilities for ____________________________ subject to and in mutual consideration of the following terms and conditions. Organization (LESSEE) ____________________________________ Phone # ______________ Billing Address ______________________________ City ____________ ST ____ Zip ________ Representative’s Name and Title_____________________________ email __________________ The LESSEE agrees; a. To be responsible and make appropriate use of the facility. b. To pay DCC a basic rental fee and additional expenses. c. To provide a deposit. The deposit will be returned upon satisfactorily cleaning and returning facility to original condition. d. To repair and pay for damages to the facility or equipment caused by its patrons, agents, members of its operation. e. To be responsible for general cleanup of the room(s) or area(s) in a timely manner. f. To comply with all college, city, county, and state ordinances, regulations, and statutes that are applicable to LESSEE’S use of the facility. g. That DCC will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to the LESSEE’S property nor to the LESSEE for any bodily injury while on campus. h. To carry general liability insurance coverage and provide a Certificate of Insurance to the college fully protecting DCC, as well as the LESSEE not less than the following amounts: Per Occurrence: $500,000; Aggregate: $1,000,000. i. DCC will maintain full control of the facility during any and all events. j. Concessions will be maintained & operated by DCC Athletics during all events unless prior arrangements have been made. 2. DCC agrees; a. To provide the listed facilities or services available to the LESSEE’S use on the _____ day(s) of ________________________________________, 20_______.

By signing below, the LESSEE agrees to the stated terms and conditions. ____________________________________ _______________________
LESSEE’s Signature                                                       Date ____________________________________ ______________________
Dawson Community College Representative                    Date

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