Drop Box and Secure Uploads

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If you need to receive files larger than our e-mail system will allow, please send the address below to the individual that needs to send you files. DO NOT send them the address to this page, they will not be able to view it. Make sure you send them the secure address below. They may upload zip files (compressed folders), which are especially useful when you need to transfer many files at once, and a variety of other file types using the secure upload form.

You may also use this form to send large files to other people as well. The form sends links to each file that is uploaded, so that they do not use any space on the recipient's e-mail account.

If the individual is sending confidential information that should not be seen by others, please instruct them to create a password-protected zip file (some may call it an archive or compressed folder), and submit their phone number in the upload form. Then, you should call them for the password. Passwords should not be submitted via the upload form, or via e-mail, as neither of those guarantees any level of security for the data being transmitted.

Secure Upload form:


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