How to browse the network drives (K:Z:U:)

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You will need to type in the actual path that these shares are located on (See below for Mac OSX instructions).

For the K Drive \\\netapps

For the Z Drive \\\class$

For the U Drive \\\staff$\username


 ex: to get to U: drive on Windows 7


Step 1: Click Start, type the above path for the desired drive.

Step 2: Hit Enter.


ex: to get to U: drive on windows XP


Step 1: Click Start, then Run.

Step 2: Type the above path for the desired drive.

Step 3: Click Ok.


Step 1: Open Finder, click the Go menu, and choose Connect to Server...

Step 2: Enter one of the below addresses (in the form 'smb://server/share').

Step 3 (optional): To add a location to your favorite servers, click the + button.

Step 4: Click Connect.

K drive: smb://firefly/netapps

U drive: smb://firefly/staff$/marilyn_d

Z drive: smb://firefly/class$






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