Interim Custodian

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POSITION:    Interim Custodian

DEPARTMENT:   Facilities and Grounds Maintenance

ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Plant Director

SALARY: Salary is based on the DCC pay matrix at a grade 8.

STARTING DATE:   Open until filled

SUMMARY OF WORK:  Position provides for safe, clean, and secure buildings on campus.  Cleans and sanitizes designated areas.  Locks and secures buildings.


Nature of Work:  This position performs skilled manual labor duties requiring attention to cleanliness and safety of buildings.  Position works mainly indoors during the academic year; occasionally works outdoors to shovel snow and perform minor maintenance work.  During the time period from May through August this position works outdoors approximately 30 percent of the time.  May work after 4:00 p.m. shift and evenings following campus events.  Follows safety procedures in dealing with equipment and hazardous material.  Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.

Personal Contacts:  Frequent contact with students and staff.

Supervision Received:  Daily supervision and assignment of tasks from the Maintenance Director or Head Custodian.  Direct supervision of work study and temporary help throughout the year.

Essential Functions:  Position requires ability to:  clean, operate floor cleaning equipment, remove garbage, scrub, dust, vacuum, mop, paint, make repairs, move furniture, do lawn maintenance, change light bulbs, raise and lower flag, unload and stock supplies, lock and secure buildings, operate lawn maintenance equipment.  Position requires visual acuity to inspect designated areas, record keeping skills and ability to communicate.


Routine cleaning of facility includes:
• Cleans, vacuums, and mops assigned floor areas daily to maintain cleanliness, sanitation and appearance.
• Washes inside and outside of windows.
• Cleans washrooms, showers, and drinking fountains to maintain sanitary facility.
• Removes trash daily in all areas and clean garbage cans as needed.
• Empties and cleans ash cans.
• Cleans housekeeping equipment, tools, and carts, etc.
• Dusts furniture, file cabinets, tables, dressers, etc. daily.
• Performs other cleaning duties as assigned.

Major cleaning of facility includes:
• Washes walls, ceilings and furniture as scheduled or when needed.
• Strips tile floor of wax, reseals, and re-waxes annually.
• Shampoos and repairs carpets every quarter or when needed.
• Services, repairs and maintains equipment used by the Physical Plant Department.

Minor repairs of facility include:
• Removing or repair damage caused by vandalism.
• Replaces lights, switches, sink traps, outlets, etc. when needed.
• Adjusts window drapes, wall hangings, etc.
• Repairs doors, windows, desks, tables, etc. as needed.

Replenish supplies:
• Replaces consumable supplies, such as paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue and soap in all areas on campus.
• Maintains adequate supplies in the janitor’s closets and supply rooms.

Maintains campus buildings:
• Paints and repairs the interior and exterior of buildings.  Paints contents of buildings, as needed.
• Visually inspects boilers, H.V.A.C.’s, water heaters and related equipment.  This requires a low pressure boilers license.
• Assists in the inspection of and services H.V.A.C.’s, furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, chiller, air compressor, etc.  Informs Building Engineer of needed repairs.
• Assists in the maintenance and inspection of building sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.
• Assists in the inspection and maintenance of roof and ceiling fans.
• Assists in all aspects of installation of new and/or replacement of equipment such as white boards, projectors, and counters.

Maintenance of grounds and roadways:
• Removes snow from steps and walkways and applies ice melt to ensure safety.
• Maintains a well groomed campus; waters, mows, cuts weeds, weed control, fertilizes, prunes, plants trees, shrubs, and flowers.
• Paints parking and crosswalks lines.
• Replaces and repairs campus signage.
• Operates and repairs underground sprinkler system as needed.
• Assists in the general maintenance of campus.
• Assists in the maintenance of walking paths, fire pits, volleyball courts, golf course,  sledding hill and ice skating rink
• Prunes and manicures ornamental plants, shrubs, bushes and trees.
• Provides security when on duty and crowd control during College sponsored activities.
• Routinely sets up and tears down materials and equipment used during activities and  events.

• Completes security check of buildings and locks/unlocks outside entrances.
• Unloads, stocks, and transports freight within the facility.
• Raises and lowers flag daily.
• Keep accurate records regarding repair and maintenance performed.
• Attends meetings when requested.
• Assists employees, students, and community members with on demand requests.
• Moves and arranges College and student equipment and property.
• Follows established fire and safety procedures.
• Practices energy conservation.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge:  This position requires knowledge of:  cleaning procedures, equipment, and chemicals.  General knowledge of grounds maintenance, building maintenance and use of tools.

Skills:  This position requires skills in cleaning and use of:  cleaning equipment, mops, brushes and power equipment.  Skills in grounds and buildings maintenance and use of equipment commonly used in related maintenance.

Abilities:  This position requires the ability to:  take pride in work; maintain confidentiality; work later hours following special events; follow established safety procedures; communicate effectively; follow verbal and written instructions; establish effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors, and the public.  Maintain a positive “can do” attitude.


The above knowledge, skills, and abilities are typically acquired through a combination of education and experience equivalent to:

 High School diploma.
 Experience in custodial and basic maintenance work.
 Ability to obtain low pressure boiler’s license.


Evaluation of this position will be based primarily upon performance of the preceding requirements and duties.  Examples of job performance criteria include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Performs assigned duties.
• Capably cleans and sanitizes assigned areas.
• Provides for a secure and locked building.
• Capably paints and performs light repairs and maintenance as required.
• Assists to provide a well groomed look to the grounds.
• Follows safety precautions in dealing with equipment and chemicals.
• Is able to work late hours, if needed, following campus events.
• Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information.
• Maintains accurate and timely records.
• Deals tactfully and courteously with the public.
• Observes work hours.
• Demonstrates punctuality.
• Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with fellow employees, supervisors and the public.

APPLICATION PROCESS: DCC Employment Application, Employment Credential Verification and Employment EEO Form

Forms are available at the

Human Resource Office
Room 105A 300 College Drive
Glendive, MT  59330
              Or at
Dawson Community College website:

Dawson Community College must comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. If hired, you will be required to provide documents to show your identity and authorization to work.

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