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G.1 Library Collection


The library contains a collection of approximately 20,000 book volumes, about 200 periodical subscriptions, and a variety of media, including videos, slides, cassettes, films, and records. Equipment for listening to and viewing audio-visual materials is available in the library. The catalog of the library’s collection is computerized and can be accessed through the DCC web site.


Many computerized resources are also available and can be accessed through the library’s web page. These electronic resources include periodical indexes and full-text databases, encyclopedias, e-books, and other resources. Most of these electronic resources can be accessed form any computer with Internet access, both on- and off-campus, but a username and password is usually required for access from off-campus. Contact the library for full instructions.


Internet access is available for student, employee, and public use from the library workstations. All Internet and general computer use is governed by the college policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Information Systems at Dawson Community College and the DCC Library Electronic Resources Use Policies. Both policies can be accessed through the library web page.


OMNI Consortium: The DCC library participates in a consortium of Montana academic libraries called OMNI (Outreach Montana: Networked Information). The consortium libraries share a joint catalog system, housed on the campus at MSU-Bozeman. Library users can search the catalog for the holdings of all participating libraries or can search for just the holdings of the DCC library. Consortium participants pledge fast interlibrary loan service and broad borrowing privileges to one another.



G.2 Selection of Materials


Faculty and staff are actively encouraged to suggest materials for the library. Requests may be submitted to the library director in the form of a bibliography, marked advertisements or reviews, or other means. Faculty and staff are notified of new materials as they are added to the collection.


Policies and procedures for the development and management of the collection are outlined in the library’s Collection Management Policy, which can be accessed from the library’s web page.


G.3 Library Hours


The library is open during the academic year on the following schedule unless otherwise noted:

Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The library is open only limited hours during college breaks and summer sessions. Check the library doors for special postings.


G.4 Library Services


G.4.1 Audio-Visual Services


The library provides the following A-V services:

Individual listening and viewing equipment

Creating overhead transparencies


Making audiocassette copies (within copyright guidelines)

Instruction in equipment use


G.4.2 Bibliographic Instruction/Library Orientation


Library staff will conduct bibliographic instruction sessions at faculty request. Such instruction can be broad in nature – covering general library orientation topics – or it can be specific – covering only certain subjects or specific research tools. Library instruction sessions can be conducted in the library or in a classroom for a portion or all of a class period. Schedule orientation sessions with the library director.


Class sessions held in the library are also welcome. Advance notice of such sessions is helpful, especially if the class is large. The computers along the hallway wall of the library may be reserved by faculty for class use. Please schedule requests for this computer use with the library staff ahead of time.


G.4.3 Bibliographies/Materials Lists


The library can provide lists of library-owned materials on a subject or by a certain author(s). Please allow adequate time for preparation of such bibliographies.


G.4.4 Circulation (Check-outs)


Most books and some other materials will be checked out to faculty without limit in number for as long as needed each semester. The most current periodical issues may not be checked out and the library requests that older issues of periodicals be returned within one week, if possible. All materials should be returned or renewed at the end of the semester to facilitate record-keeping. Materials may be recalled for a definite need.


G.4.5 FAX service


The college FAX machine is located in the library and the FAX number is 377-8132. The cost to send personal FAX messages is $1.00 per page and to receive is $.25 per page. Library staff can assist with faxing as needed.


G.4.6 Interlibrary Loan


The DCC library provides interlibrary loan services to faculty, staff, students and the community. Requests for interlibrary loans can be submitted to library staff.


G.4.7 Photocopying


Faculty and staff may use the library photocopier to make copies when they need only a few (under 10), or in an emergency. Personal copies are 5 cents per page for faculty and staff; 10 cents per page for students. Copyright guidelines are enforced for all copying.


G.4.8 Reserves


Faculty may place supplementary materials for their students’ use on the library’s reserve shelves. These materials are housed behind the desk and are arranged by instructor name. Examples of reserve materials include videos for individual viewing, class notes, supplementary readings, or instructor manuals. Reserve materials may be from the library collection or may be supplied by the instructor.


To place materials on reserve, submit a Request for Library Reserve Service or otherwise provide the following information with the reserve items:

Instructor name

Class number and name

Reserve item title and author

Check-out category: in-library only; overnight use; 3 day use; or 1 week use

Release date: the date the material will be removed from the reserve shelf


Please observe copyright regulations when placing photocopied materials on reserve.


G.4.9 Testing


Some individualized testing is done in the library for make-up tests, etc. Library staff cannot promise to monitor such testing, but will attempt to provide a secure environment for the tests and testing procedures. Tests can be left with library staff. Please do the following when leaving exams:

  1. Put the student’s name on the exam.
  2. On the front of the test or folder, specify if the test is open-book, closed-book; open-notes, closed-notes; if a calculator, dictionary, etc. can be used; if there is a time limit; etc. If there are no instructions, it will be assumed that it is closed-book, closed-notes; no aids; no time limit.
  3. If possible, state the last date the test can be given. For example, “Must be taken by Friday, October 15.” The library staff will then return the test to you, completed or not, after that date.


G.4.10 Video/Film Rentals


Films and videos can be borrowed from numerous sources for a rental fee. Such film rentals are scheduled by library staff and the rental fees for classroom use are covered by the library budget. Film/video catalogs from a number of sources are available in the library.


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