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  • If you are student, avail yourself of the Ultimate Steal Deal
  • If you need help, never be afraid to ask. If it's not urgent, use the link in the menu to request help.
  • Never keep all of your eggs in one basket, and don't put your computer files in a basket either. Save important documents often (train yourself to press Ctrl+S every minute or so), and save the most important files to at least two separate locations. Example: save it to a USB thumb drive, your U drive on campus, and/or your hard drive on your computer. If this confuses you, feel free to ask for assistance at the Computer Services office.
  • Never use floppy disks. Just don't.
  • As mentioned before, a good way to have a backup of your files is to save them on a USB thumb drive. They are much more reliable than a floppy disk, they hold incomparable amounts more data, and they are relatively cheap. They can be purchased at the campus bookstore.
  • The labs can be used anytime classes are not in session. Go ahead, make yourself at home (but remember to follow the rules).
  • File-sharing networks, such as Bearshare, Kazaa and Limewire, etc... are a drain on the college's internet resources. More importantly, it is not legal to download music you do not own (or have a license for). Don't download illegally, and don't share your music illegally. Doing so is a grounds for suspension from DCC.
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