Information Packed Equine Seminars at GATE

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Leanne Hoagland gives an equine conformation class at Dawson Community College.

Leanne Hoagland MAB of Dawson Community College and Big Sky Shires & Equine Services will be instructing two information packed seminars for the GATE 2009 Glendive Agri-Trade Exposition at the EPEC. The Equine industry is ever changing and the economy is impacting the industry as never before. With all this the horse owner is faced with many opportunities and decisions on how to progress in their horses. Costs continue to go up and horse owners are trying to decide if they should sell, buy or breed. Armed with a solid knowledge in selection of horses and equine business practices a horse owner can make sure they are getting the best for their money.

The first session to be offered on Saturday February 14th is on Conformation and Selection of the Horse. This short course will arm you with the needed knowledge to look at a horse and see the pros and cons of its conformation and athletic ability. As the economic crunch is felt by the horse world we are finding good solid horses hold their value and average horses are not fairing so well. Knowing a good horse when you see it will insure a long lasting horse that will retain his usability and sale value long after his purchase. Furthermore, a solid well built horse with a good disposition is a better choice to breed when the time comes to make that move. Ever wonder why a horse in a halter or performance class places better than another- it is conformation and form to function. Correct horses built for the jobs they were bred for; perform better, last longer and hold resale value. Come see if your horses make the grade and learn what to look for when you are buying or breeding.

Following the Conformation and Selection section of the seminar will be the short course on Equine Breeding Contracts. You will not learn how to write a legal document- that is between you and your legal advisor. However, we will talk about the parts of the contract and what they mean to you the breeder. The other topic we will discuss is if breeding your mare and raising that dream foal is right for you and how do you go about answering that question. Should you buy or breed? These two discussions will give you the information you need to make a sound deal when breeding or finding your next horse.

Leanne Hoagland MAB received her masters in 2007 from Kansas State University. Her focus was on Small Agriculture Businesses and Planning- emphasis on equine businesses. She judged competitively for Northwest College in Powell, WY where she helped lead the team to the 2007 Reserve Champion Judging Team title at the Quarter Horse World Show where she personally placed sixth overall as an individual. While Attending MSU Bozeman Leanne was a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show team where she rode Western and English Pleasure and Equitation Over Fences- Placing in the top 10 at BYU, MSU, and OSU shows in the region. Leanne is also certified by the American Riding Instructor’s Association and recently became certified by Colorado State University in AI and Reproductive Management of the Mare and Shipped Cooled Semen. Contact: [email protected].

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