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June 27th from 9am to 3pm instructor Ms. Sue Emerson helps students go back in time as she presents “Finding Your Family Tree-A Genealogy Workshop” at Dawson Community College.

All genealogy enthusiasts are encouraged to attend this workshop. Emerson will provide participants with recourses to locate records so they can document their ancestors’ lives. Sue will make time available for specific questions regarding personal research efforts as well as offer easy and efficient ways to store family history.

The workshop will include topics titled: Where do you get birth/death/marriage certificates? Where do you get military/work records? How do you access census records? How do you find out about cemeteries? What do you do with old pictures? Where do you get copies of old wills? What about the Internet? What should you take with you when you travel?

To sign up for Finding Your Family Tree call Dawson Community College at 377-3396 or toll free 1.800.821.8320 or go online anytime at and fill out the interactive registration under workshops. The cost is $30. If you have questions about the class Sue invites you to email her at [email protected].

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