DCC's Jordan Brady-on brink of NBA

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Jordan Brady wasn't heavily recruited out of high school where he was a first-team all-state selection.

From time to time around the water cooler the topic comes up about what happens to the kids who travel through Glendive with a pit stop for sports at Dawson Community College and whether their experience preps them for their future...and from time to time we hear from former Buccaneers about why it was an important step in the career.  We have another one of those stories for you.

Jordan Brady wasn't heavily recruited out of high school where he was a first-team all-state selection after leading the state in scoring at 21.3 points per game. He graduated from Uintah High School in 2001.

Finding a scholarship was difficult, but he landed one at Dawson Community College in Glendive, Montana.  No sudden NBA stardom for Brady - his career which is now on the brink of the NBA, is one that has solid building blocks made from small baby steps.  Brady says that he got a small opportunity at DCC and he has built on those opportunities to get where he is today...playing for the Utah FLASH, an NBA Development team and sports watchers say it won't be long before one of the major teams will pick him up.

At Dawson, where he wore Bucs jersey #30, his team went to the Region 18 semifinals and he was the Freshman MVP and eventually Dawson's Athlete of the Year. It was around this time he came in contact with Utah Valley coach Dick Hunsaker, who was entering his first season with the Wolverines, which was also the school's last year as a junior college.

Brady decided to transfer from Dawson and Hunsaker and Utah Valley was in the mix, but he decided to go to Salt Lake Community College for a year before serving an LDS Church Mission to the Philippines.

At Salt Lake, which played in the same conference as Utah Valley, Brady led the Bruins to the SWAC semifinals and earned All-Region 18 honors. Before leaving for his mission he had conversations with Hunsaker and agreed to attend Utah Valley when he returned. At that point, Utah Valley would be in the early stages of making the transition from a junior college to NCAA Div. I athletics.

Like his previous stops at Dawson and Salt Lake, Brady excelled at Utah Valley.

To begin his professional career he landed a contract to play for Racing Luxembourg in 2008 and before being released he was averaging 26.8 points.

When he returned to the United States in December 2008, he picked up work as a practice player for the Flash through Kevin Young, who coached at Utah Valley when Brady was there.

This year the FLASH picked him up.. he's scoring well - averaging 11 points and seven rebounds a game.. and he has his eye on the  next step...one of the big NBA teams.

He's wearing lucky number 21 for the FLASH..but there's no luck involved in each deliberate step he has worked for in his career.

Brady notes that he has worked his way through and has been able to adapt at every level.  He is humble, recognizes that he has been an underdog that wasn't a highly-touted prospect and that's something that has driven him throughout his career and is driving him into his future.

Not bad for a kid from Vernal, Utah that could not find a scholarship in the state of Utah out of high school...but he found one at DCC...and it made a difference.

Brady says "My goal has always been to make it to the NBA. How close or how far away I am from that right now it's hard to tell. My main goals right now are to keep a roster stop with the Flash and to play consistent basketball."

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