Re-establishing academic partnership with Sidney

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"Sidney has a beautiful operation," Cargill said.

Dawson Community College President Jim Cargill and DCC Dean of Administrative Services Jackie Schultz said DCC will be re-establishing and reconnecting their academic partnership with Sidney come fall 2010.

Cargill and Sidney Public Schools Superintendent Dan Farr have come to an agreement that DCC can use the computer labs for outreach classes in an education building being underutilized. "Sidney has a beautiful operation," Cargill said. "Re-establishing their relationship says a lot about Farr. This [partnership] requires a superintendent who really wants to do it, and he's very interested in it".

Cargill is enthusiastic to have Sidney's support and is glad to once again have courses available in their facility, he said.

This fall in Sidney, DCC will offer business classes. In the future, Dean Schultz said she would like to offer a greater variety, such as art and music appreciation. "It's a great opportunity to bring Sidney students to DCC," Schultz said.

Cargill agrees with Schultz and considers it a great gift, he said. "It's like Christmas," he said. "We could pick up 200-300 students." Having the opportunity to use the computer labs in the school is a step up and a great way to get more people interested and aware of DCC, as well as educated, Schultz said. "We're very happy to be working with them again," she said.

By Charlie Denison

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