Gallery 126 exhibit Laura Youngbird

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Witness IV

Laura Youngbird’s art work will be on exhibit at Dawson Community College Gallery 126 from March 22 through May 13.

Laura is an artist and art educator at the Circle of Nations. She is an enrolled member of the Minnesota Chippewa, Grand Portage Band. “Ironic, I work in the type of institution that emotionally and spiritually crippled generations of Native people. Now we encourage our students to embrace their heritage. Art is healing. We didn’t have a word for art long ago. Art and life were one. I cannot live without art or making art. ‘My Work’ is how I communicate what can’t be put into words and documents my outrage at crimes that continue their brutal legacy. The dress and scratched out faces are symbolic of the "assimilation" forced on Native American children taken away to white boarding schools and indoctrinated into Eurocentric culture. Their identity both removed and dictated. Waabi Giziibiigiingwe in Anishinabe means white-washed and refers to policy of the early 1900's to assimilate Native people.”

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