Agriculture Leadership Class of 2010

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Agriculture Leadership Class of 2010 at their graduation May 5th.

Dawson Community College president Dr. Jim Cargill addressed the Agriculture Leadership Class of 2010 at their graduation May 5th.  His remarks centered on the role the college can play in Richland County as officials look forward to implementing programs there.

DCC offers 13 programs for Associate of Applied Science degrees along with programs for Occupational Certificate Programs. All programs are designed to give the students workable skills to get a job within 100 miles of Glendive. “If they can’t get a job within 100 miles of Glendive, the programs actually end up getting closed. That’s what keeps these programs healthy, is if the student can get a job,” he said.

Officials are looking to bring in dual credit to students in the Eastern Montana University Center that can be transferred anywhere in the state that’s participating. “It’s good savings for students, and we’re finding it’s happening all over the country,” Cargill said.

Apprenticeship programs may also be available in Sidney in which students take classes on the weekends and practice those skills learned during the week under local employers.

In his final words to the leadership class, Cargill gave the students some advice: “People seldom plan to fail but they often fail to plan” and “The secret to selling yourself is having a product you believe in.”

The class is the 11th one to graduate students who aim to be leaders within the county. Participants commit to two years: The first year attending seven issue days covering different topics, attending a Sidney City Council meeting and school board meeting as well as a public forum if possible, participate in three skills development seminars and conduct a class project; in the second year, the class plans the issue days for the next class.

This year’s class includes Jodi Berry, Richland County Transportation; Kelli Bousquet, Richland Economic Development; Jacklyn Damm, Sidney Job Service; Dianne Etzel, Stockman Bank; Patti Fjelstad, Richland County Extension office; Kevin Goff, Lower Yellowstone Electric; Shane Gorder, Richland County Public Works; Nicole Hackley, District II Drug & Alcohol; Sherry Hecker, Wells Fargo; Kathy Jensen, The Lodge; Melissa Larson, Richland County Sheriff’s Office; R. Kelly Roberts, USDA; and Vonnie VanHook, Quilts & More.

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