Season begins with Peaceful Beauty in Gallery 126

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Peaceful Beauty By John Bederman What can I say?  I just LOVE to take pictures.
The Dawson Community College Art Gallery 126 is proud to introduce its fourth season of exhibits.
Dawson Community College Fine Arts Gallery
Jane Carey Memorial Library
Academic Support Center Computer Lab

Rm 126   HOURS:  8 am - 4 pm,  Mon-Fri,
Evenings  6:30 - 9 pm, Tue Wed Thu
SUMMER HOURS: 8 am - 4 pm,  Mon-Fri

Art Exhibit Calendar Fall 2010 - Spring 2011:

September 7 - October 29
Peaceful Beauty
John Bederman - Houston, TX

What can I say?  I just LOVE to take pictures. To have the ability to take thousands of pictures at any one time is an amazing gift.  I carry 10 batteries, 40GB of memory, and two or three lenses with me at any given time.  The SUN is a good friend, working with light, high contrast, and shadows, adds a little mystery to the frame.

November 1 - December 17
Organizing Elements
Allison O'Donnell - Billings, MT

I have always been interested in art. I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. My artwork is a process of organizing the elements of color, line and shape. I begin with a blank surface and have no sense of what the finished painting will look like. I start drawing lines or add color. I let each step inform the next and continue organizing these elements until they come to a feeling of balance. My paintings are intuitive and very much about the process of their creation.

November 23 - December 10
Art Stars
DCC Student Art Show - Glendive, MT

Dawson Community College has a wealth of creative student artists with varied interests & educational goals. It is a privilege to present the distinctive artworks of these talented artists.

January 10 - February 25
Through the Dust - Colors of the West
Trish Stevenson - Savage, MT

Although Trish grew up in the suburbs of Denver, she has always felt a connection to the cowboy side of the family tree. Her great grandparents raised horses for the US. Cavalry in western North Dakota and family vacations were spent with her grandparents in the same area, where dusty brandings and rodeos were the highlight of the summer. Her grandfather was a former bronc rider who told vivid tall tales of cowboys and wild horses in the badlands, all the while rolling his Bull Durham cigarettes. Hearing the stories told in her grandparents' old log cabin home, with Charlie Russell calendars and prints hanging on the walls, made a strong impression on Trish and still influences what she chooses to paint today.

February 28 - April 8
New Intaglios
Linda Whitney - Valley City, ND

Thematically my images are connected but trek off in two directions. Though seemingly disparate, they spring from a similar place. Derived from a collision of childhood memories of fairytales & early television shows, or born from research of my native ancestors & cousins & where they collided with European peoples. I am fascinated by the way groups, historically & contemporarily, structure the day upon ceremonies, beliefs, & rituals. I appropriate images or concepts from these various cultural fabrics, add a bit of contemporary color, & weave it into my idea of a narrative darkened with contemporary political meaning. The images are realized in color intaglio or mezzotint.

April 11 - August 15
Western Americana
Walter Piehl - Minot, ND

Influenced by his father, a rancher, horse trader & part-time rodeo producer, Walter  Piehl grew up loving horses & rodeo. Born to be an artist, he filled his spare time with drawing & painting. A rodeo rider himself, & an announcer for thirty years, Piehl comes by his subject naturally. Images of broncs & bulls, ropers & riders tremble with action. Piehl's paintings capture the essence of the fast & furious explosive action of the rodeo, & the dynamic interaction of horse & rider. With his abstract kinetic style, Piehl, was one of the first to break from the established norm of western art a la Frederic Remington & Charles Russell. He brought new life to contemporary western painting. Drawing & overdrawing with energetic gestural brushwork, Piehl creates the sensation of movement with rich glazes of color that dance in sweeping lines that splatter & drip across the canvas.

April 18 - May 6
Art Stars
DCC Student Art Show - Glendive MT

The final show of the season, as we come to the end of the academic year. Once again we are proud to present the outstanding artworks of DCC's talented, creative student artists. 

Our goals:

  • to bring diverse quality original art displays to Dawson Community College
  • to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their artwork
  • to provide greater access and more opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the community at large to enjoy the pleasure of viewing art
  • to promote art appreciation from our little window on the big art-world 
Art Department: Gretchen Bederman

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