Fall Fun! Community Culinary Outreach Classes

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Preparing salmon.

Dawson Community College's Office of Community Outreach will be offering the following culinary classes throughout the fall. The classes listed below will be held on Sunday afternoons from 1pm-4pm with a limit of 12-18 students per class at Dawson County High School. No class is a prerequisite for any other and the cost will be $25 per class.

October 3: Knife Skills: How to identify the right knife for a task, how to sharpen a knife and keep them sharp and how to use them safely, efficiently and enjoyably.

October 10: Soups, Stocks and Broths: How to make stocks and broths for amazing soups and to heighten all of your meals.

October 17: Food Preservation: Canning, cheese-making and how to enjoy Montana's most important value-added food--Yellowstone Caviar.

October 31: Pasta: Creating fresh and dried pasta and sauces to compliment.

November 7: Pastries: We will cover pie pastry, puff pastry and croissant making.

November 14: Easier holiday feasts: We will make a traditional turkey and roasted prime rib dinner with the tips and techniques professionals use to make them as fun to prepare as they are to eat.

November 21: Quick breads: Everything from muffins to biscuits to cheese bread.

December 5: Artisan breads: Thick crusted European-style baguettes and boules and enriched butter and egg doughs like challah or brioche.

Questions regarding the classes can be directed to MaryAnn Vester, Director of Distance Education and Outreach, Dawson Community College at 377-9409.

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