Calling all DCC students to RALLY state legislators

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Please take a couple of minutes to send an email out to the state legislators listed below. If the budget cuts continue on as planned it will mean fewer programs along with higher costs for your education. So let's rally for our college!

Please contact the following senators by calling 444.4800 or e-mail them
at the addresses below by Friday, March 25 at 8:00 p.m.

Let them know that Community Colleges are integral to economic development and job creation in Montana. Eastern Montana depends on Dawson Community College to educate its workforce. Please amend House Bill 2 to restore funding in the Community College formula to 50.8% .

Senator Ron Arthun [email protected]

Senator Shannon J. Augare [email protected]

Senator Joe Balyeat [email protected]

Senator Debby Barrett [email protected]

Senator Anders Blewett [email protected]

Senator Gary Branae [email protected]

Senator John C. Brenden [email protected]

Senator Taylor Brown [email protected]

Senator Edward Buttrey [email protected]

Senator Mary Caferro [email protected]

Senator Ron Erickson [email protected]

Senator Jeff Essmann [email protected]

Senator Tom Facey [email protected]

Senator Steve Gallus [email protected]

Senator Kim J. Gillan [email protected]

Senator Bradley Maxon Hamlett [email protected]

Senator Bob Hawks [email protected]

Senator Greg Hinkle [email protected]

Senator Rowlie Hutton [email protected]

Senator Verdell Jackson [email protected]

Senator Larry Jent [email protected]

Senator Llew Jones [email protected]

Senator Christine Kaufmann [email protected]

Senator Jim Keane no email (leave message at

Senator Bob Lake [email protected]

Senator Cliff Larsen [email protected]

Senator Dave Lewis [email protected]

Senator Frederick (Eric) Moore [email protected]

Senator Lynda Moss [email protected]

Senator Carmine Mowbray [email protected]

Senator Terry Murphy [email protected]

Senator Alan Olson [email protected]

Senator Jim E. Peterson [email protected]

Senator Jason Priest [email protected]

Senator Rick Ripley no email (leave message at

Senator Jim Schockley no email (leave message at

Senator Jon Sonju [email protected]

Senator Donald Steinbeisser [email protected]

Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy [email protected]

Senator Mitch Tropila [email protected]

Senator Bruce Tutvedt [email protected]

Senator Kendall J Van Dyk [email protected]

Senator Chas Vincent [email protected]

Senator Gene Vuckovich [email protected]

Senator Edward Walker [email protected]

Senator David Wanzenried [email protected]

Senator Carol Williams [email protected];
[email protected]

Senator Jonathan Windy Boy [email protected]

Senator Art Wittich [email protected]

Senator Ryan Zinke [email protected]

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