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Campus Corp on the move.

Last Tuesday, students from Dawson Community College did something outside of the ordinary scope of service. Josh Cantrell, Tyler Sennett, and Kyle Davis—all general volunteers—spent the afternoon moving furniture from the basement of Dawson County Domestic Violence center to Zion Lutheran Church, to be obtained, free of charge, by those who need it most.

It began when Transitional Housing Program Coordinator, Lori Frank, sent an email to the Office of Community Involvement requesting help clearing out what formerly served as the yoga room in the bottom floor of the DCDV building. The collection of miscellaneous furniture consisted of donated pieces as well as pieces that were left behind by former residents of the top story apartments. This buildup of furniture was not a problem until DCDV needed a conference room. Since the date was rapidly approaching, Frank needed help fast.

So, after classes that day, Cantrell, Sennett, and Davis got in their pickups and drove over to get the job done. After about two hours and six full truckloads later, the three students had transferred the entire contents of the room to the Zion Lutheran Church. Susan Anderson, the executive director at DCDV, could not believe how quickly the crew worked and said she was “amazed at what a benefit the organization is to the community.”

The folks at ZLC were sure to take down our number so as to let us know when they are ready for another load of furniture to give away—it should not take long, as the desks, chairs, televisions, microwaves and all kinds of other basic furnishings were leaving in full cars almost as quickly as we brought them in the door.

At the end of the day, by partnering with two non-profits in town, DCC volunteers were able to maximize the impact of their service in a minimal amount of time. We admire the work of Dawson County Domestic Violence and Zion Lutheran Church and look forward to working with both organizations in the future. If your non-profit would like to request similar help or host an MTCC volunteer, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Community Involvement at the email address listed below.

By Jacob Kilgore
Campus Corps Leader

Jacob Kilgore is the Campus Corps Leader. His article is from the Office of Community Involvement at Dawson Community College. He can be reached at [email protected]

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