Figure Drawing Workshop with Mika Holtzinger

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Mika Holtzinger
Nov 5, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
.5 credit  $36
Or Call: 406.377.3396 or 1.800.821.8320


The human figure is one of the most captivating forms to draw and has inspired some of the most provocative artworks in history.  I aim to share my knowledge of traditional drawing methods regarding line, value and proportion, as well as my passion for making art. The first part of the class will focus on the process of drawing, through the implementation of different techniques and exercises. The latter part of the class will combine learned skills in order to create more ‘finished’ pieces. I strive to create a comfortable and engaging studio environment which preserves the philosophy that there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to draw. Therefore, advanced drawing skills are not required to take this workshop. I believe cultivating creativity and developing personal expression are essential for most people, and as a result the concepts I share in this class can be used in any artistic genre.


10:00  Meet and Greet/Introduction to the Figure: Give a short lecture on the value of figure drawing in art, show examples of various styles and masters’ work

10:30-11:30  Line and Mass Gesture Drawings: Fast paced exercises, short poses (1-10 min), finding the energy, weight and movement of the pose, setting your page limits

11:30-12:30  Measuring and Proportion/Positive and Negative Space: 20 min exercises, drawing a 3-D form on a 2-D surface, foreshortening, perspective

BREAK   15-30 min.

1:00-2:00  Value and Contrast: 20-30min exercises, blocking in darks, establishing lights, plane drawing

2:00-3:30  Making a Finished Drawing: 45 min poses, composition, mood and self-expression

3:30-4:00  Review and Conversation

5:00-8:00  Artist Reception for Mika in Gallery 126



-18x24in paper: Newsprint pad- We will be producing several drawings because of this newsprint is an economical paper choice. Feel free to bring higher quality paper for more finished drawings.

-Charcoal: There are two kinds of charcoals, compressed and vine, we will be using both.

Vine charcoal -is lightweight and easily erased, it is usually long and cylindrical. If possible get both thin and thicker pieces.

Compressed charcoal-is usually short square sticks, darker and heavier than vine charcoal

I also use soft or extra soft charcoal pencils but they are not necessary for class.  

-Eraser: I prefer a Gum Eraser; it is tan and rectangle. I also use a white eraser. A kneaded eraser which is grey and pulls apart is often used with charcoal. Please avoid pink erasers.

We provide the drawing boards and easels or bring your own.

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