*New* Dawson Community College Buccaneer Ship to be unveiled

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Community Event: Friday, October 7 at 2:00 p.m. in front of the Toepke Center

Community Event: Friday, October 7 at 2:00 p.m. in front of the Toepke Center

You Can't Launch a Ship All by Yourself, but You Can Have a Dream Come True with a little help from your friends.

The Saga of a Dream
by Gretchen Bederman
Visual Arts Department 

Day after day, week after week, Dawson Community College Instructional Services Administrative Assistant, Marilyn Dutton happily worked at the desk in her office occasionally glancing up at the little model ship on the file cabinet, dreaming of the day when that ship would come to life proudly floating in the parade down Merrill Avenue. After all these years, the magic was about to happen. Here's how the story unfolds. 

Back in 2010, Marilyn shared her long held dream of a DCC Buccaneer Ship with DCC Welding Instructor and Program Director, Brent Nelson. As it happened, that fall, Brent found a ship builder. Robin Tscharntke took on the challenge. Single handedly, the Bundestag Congress Youth Exchange student from Eitorf, Germany, completed the twenty-two foot long metal vessel (on wheels) during his semester of study in welding at DCC.

What a GREAT accomplishment! But there was more to be done. Marilyn patiently nurtured her vision calling on DCC Art Club advisor, Gretchen Bederman, and the creative talents of the DCC Art Club to paint the ship. Working with dedication and diligence, lead designers Alissa Wynne and Jenna Brucker lavished the ship with fine detail and faux finishes assisted by Art Club members Anthony Lopez, Christie Bury, Lea Hoskins, Kim Olson, and Franque Robertson. 

The Art Club envisioned a mermaid at the prow and cannons along the sides of the Buccaneer Ship. They brought their ideas to the team that could bring them to fruition. DCC Welding Instructor, Women's Softball Coach, and metal artist Jim LeProwse cut the mermaid designed by Alissa Wynne, and his welding students Cody Acosta, Jonathan Rynard, and Ryan Ortega installed the cannons.

To preserve the ship's beautiful paint job, the Art Club went to Bob Hellman owner of Bob's Body Shop for advice. Bob generously donated clear coat and a bake. What a nice community-minded guy! Thank you, Bob! Wednesday is the Big Day for this event. The Art Club and whoever else wants will follow in the delivery procession at 8:00 a.m.

Always busy behind the scene, Marilyn got to work again, calling on the expertise of DCC Director of Physical Plant, Glenn Kuehn who will have the honor of driving the ship in the parade. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, the ship was saved from infamy. Glenn called Glendive Chief of Police, Alan Michaels to confirm compliance with regulations. Jim LeProwse and his welding students came to the rescue and once again offered their skilled services installing the necessary lights and license numbers to keep the ship from sinking. Officer Kope inspected the ship and signed the papers. Marilyn went downtown and came home with the official birth certificate. With her baby now road worthy, Marilyn was starting to get excited.

Feeling confident, Marilyn next laid out the plans for the pre-parade christening party; she invited DCC Music and Music Technology Programs Director, Lisa Shields and the fabulous DCC Drum Line performers to bring well deserved pomp and circumstance to the festivities. 

Amazingly, even Robin Tscharntke will be able to attend the celebration via Skype from Germany, thanks to Technology and Computer Services Coordinator, Shane Bishop.

The journey continues, but we must pause from this enthralling albeit lengthy tale to inform you:

The *New* Dawson Community College Buccaneer Ship to be unveiled Friday, October 7 at 2:00pm - launched on its maiden voyage with a champagne take off just before the annual DCHS Homecoming parade. Everyone is welcome to join in the celebration of one of Marilyn's and DCC's fun dreams come true. Early Childhood Education Instructor, Program Director and metal welding artist, Brenda Stockert will bring apple cider, so together we may lift our glasses in a toast to the symbol of DCC's teamwork and prosperity. Discover. Connect. Contribute. See you there. Hip Hip Hooray!

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