Gallery 126 Exhibit/Reception - Mika Holtzinger: Losing Color

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Mika Holtzinger: Losing Color

Dawson Community College Gallery 126 is pleased to present Losing Color, paintings by Mika Holtzinger. Mika will be conducting an all day Figure Drawing Workshop on Saturday, November 5th 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (register at or call: 377-3396) followed by an artist reception from 5 to 8 p.m. (also, on Sat, Nov 5). As always, everyone is welcome to come meet the artist, enjoy the artwork, conversation, and refreshments. If you can’t make it then, the show will be up until December 16th. Gallery 126 hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and evenings Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6:30 to 9 pm. Located in room 126 next to the library.

In the series Losing Color, Holtzinger uses as her subject some of the most emblematic species of the planet, all of which, due to human behavior, are facing rapid extinction. Holtzinger describes her artistic goals saying: “As an artist, I consider my role to be ‘steward to nature, a person who observes and interprets the world around them and acts to protect it. I’m motivated by the interconnectedness of living things and the sacredness of the natural world.  I aim to discover how art can celebrate the beauty and grandeur of wildlife while also reflecting on the crucial issues concerning them. I strive to create images that inspire reverence for nature, provoking in people a sense of empathy and awe for these endangered animals, and thus a keener awareness of the effects of our actions, both positive and negative. It is vital that my work as an artist and my everyday lifestyle contribute to building a sustained ecology and giving this planet the appreciation it so desperately needs. ”

Over the past decade Holtzinger has worked in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, and performance art. “Although I focus on one subject, like birds for example, I’m always using different materials to create with,” she says. “It keeps me engaged and challenged.” For her recent paintings, she has abandoned framed canvases for a tapestry form, reminiscent of Japanese scrolls, developing her images by layering pencils, paints, inks, and pastels.

Holtzinger began her collegiate studies in Kansas, receiving an AA degree from Butler Community College, then a BFA from Wichita State University. She, also, studied drawing and sculpture at the International School of Painting in Umbria Italy. She went on to earn her MA from the University of Oregon in 2002 and has since exhibited at venues from Santa Fe to Kansas City and up and down the West Coast. She emerged as a prominent artist in Big Sky Country in 2008 and is currently represented by the Toucan Gallery, in Billings, MT. Beyond her studio work, Holtzinger also operates her own internet gallery on, teaches adults art classes, illustrates books, designs public art projects and collaborates with wildlife organizations, like the Honey Bee Conservancy in New York City.


Figure Drawing Workshop on Saturday, November 5th 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


10:00  Meet and Greet/Introduction to the Figure: Give a short lecture on the value of figure drawing in art, show examples of various styles and masters’ work

10:30-11:30  Line and Mass Gesture Drawings: Fast paced exercises, short poses (1-10 min), finding the energy, weight and movement of the pose, setting your page limits

11:30-12:30  Measuring and Proportion/Positive and Negative Space: 20 min exercises, drawing a 3-D form on a 2-D surface, foreshortening, perspective

BREAK   15-30 min.

1:00-2:00  Value and Contrast: 20-30min exercises, blocking in darks, establishing lights, plane drawing

2:00-3:30  Making a Finished Drawing: 45 min poses, composition, mood and self-expression

3:30-4:00  Review and Conversation

5:00-8:00  Artist Reception for Mika in Gallery 126



-18x24in paper: Newsprint pad- We will be producing several drawings because of this newsprint is an economical paper choice. Feel free to bring higher quality paper for more finished drawings.

-Charcoal: There are two kinds of charcoals, compressed and vine, we will be using both.

Vine charcoal -is lightweight and easily erased, it is usually long and cylindrical. If possible get both thin and thicker pieces.

Compressed charcoal-is usually short square sticks, darker and heavier than vine charcoal

I also use soft or extra soft charcoal pencils but they are not necessary for class.  

-Eraser: I prefer a Gum Eraser; it is tan and rectangle. I also use a white eraser. A kneaded eraser which is grey and pulls apart is often used with charcoal. Please avoid pink erasers.

We provide the drawing boards and easels or bring your own.

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