Coach Clingingsmith Will Go PINK for Cable Machine

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"Pink hair is well worth it."

Building on continued improvements and upgrades to the exercise areas available on the Dawson Community College campus, Tracey Clingingsmith and Kevin Pena are conducting a fundraiser that will enhance the weight room located in Toepke Center.

The monies raised from this campaign will be used to purchase a new cable machine for the weight room. The cable machine can be used for both functional training as well as weight training. This piece of exercise equipment is a multipurpose machine, and as such, can focus on a variety of muscle groups. Workouts on a cable machine can target and then further strengthen chest muscles, back muscles, deltoids, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles and lower back muscles, leg muscles and hips.

Coach Clingingsmith had this to say about the advantages new equipment could provide. "The women's basketball team spends roughly four hours a week, nine months a year in the weight room. New equipment adds to the diversity of the activities we are able to incorporate into our workouts. A cable machine specifically allows us to replicate basketball moves on a weight machine, we are able to work overhead pass, rip-throughs and explosion steps. Baseball and softball athletes can add hitting, hip rotations and pitching lifts to their workouts with this machine. All that for pink hair is well worth it," she added.

"Through May 10, Dawson Community College students will be asking for donations" Pena said. "In order to help facilitate the donations, water bottles marked "Raise the Bar" have been placed in the Jane Carey Memorial Library on the DCC campus". As a special twist each bottle has the picture of a DCC employee who has agreed to help "Raise the Bar" by performing a different zany tasks as the money for the cable machine is raised:
At $500 raised, Tracey Clingingsmith will dye her hair HOT PINK
At $550 raised, Kevin Pena will be SHAVING HIS HEAD - BALD
At $600 raised, Jacob Killgore will shave his hair into a MOHAWK
At $700 raised, Deb Vogel will add RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTS to her hair
At $750 raised, Joyce Ayre will ride her bike to school for a WEEK
At $800 raised, Theresa Schulte will add HIGHLIGHTS - STUDENT CHOICE COLOR to her hair
At $850 raised, Sue Peterson will join Theresa with STUDENT CHOICE HIGHLIGHTS
At $900 raised, Kent Dion will dye his GOATEE - STUDENT CHOICE COLOR
At $950 raised, Mike Hunter will dye his hair RED
At $1,000 raised, Tom Reeves will TAKE A PERSONAL DAY - on a WEDNESDAY! :)
At $1,100 raised, Leanne Hoagland will DONATE 12" of her hair to Locks of Love
At $1,500 raised, Pete Bruno will shave both his head AND his beard clean off!
At $3,000 raised, and the addition of a $10,000 grant, Virginia Berube will also DONATE 12" of her hair to Locks of Love

If you would like to join in by making a contribution that will help DCC students and turn a certain women’s basketball coaches hair pink contact Kevin Pena @ 377-9497 or Tracey Clingingsmith @ 377-9450. Pledge sheets are available in the DCC Student Services Office.

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