An Irresistible Offer: Free College Credit

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Dr. Jimmy Cargill

Dawson Community College will provide a unique opportunity to high school students this summer semester-FREE COLLEGE CLASSES that transfer. (Summer Session runs June 4-August 12, 2012)

All high school students that are at least 16 years of age and who will NOT graduate this May of 2012 can JUMP START their college education virtually FREE as an Early Start Student!

DCC is GIVING BACK by waiving up to 8 credits of tuition and fees valued at over $700. Summer campus classes available for this special offer are listed below. These are all core college level classes that are ‘Early Start’ eligible and will transfer to the University level.

“This is a great opportunity for area students to experience college level classes while living at home and to save money on their college education” said DCC President Jim Cargill.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Sign up for College 101
Step 2: Choose from up to 6 credits of core classes listed below
Step 3: Complete the Early Start Application & submit with $30 application fee before June 4
Step 4: Call Darcell 377-9415 and set a date to take the COMPASS test for courses with prerequisites. (WRIT101 & M145)
Step 5: Purchase textbooks @ DCC Bookstore. Call Kristi @ 377-9457

Meet the instructors

ID280 College 101 (required for all) 1cr CRN: 50129
Date/Day: June 4-27 M-Th Time:9A-9:50A
Instructors: Kent Dion & Kortney Diegel Room: 144

This is a must take course for early start students. This college success course is designed to help you actively learn the strategies and behaviors that contribute to success in college.
Note worthy: it has been shown students taking such a course have higher grade-point averages.


Choose College 101 + one or two courses

BIOB160 Principles of Living Systems (Core IV) 3cr 
CRN: 50002

BIOB161 Principles Living Systems Lab (Core IV) 1cr
CRN: 50003
Date/Day: June 4-July 18 MTWTh Time: 10A-12:30P
Instructor: Kevin Pena Room: 141
Lecture: This course is an intro to the structure, function, and reproduction at the cellular level of organization and will include the study of both plant and animal cells. This course is designed as a introductory course for other biology courses.
Lab: A series of lab experiments and exercises illustrating and supporting concepts studied in BIOB160. Additional Fee required.  (Early Start eligible)


CM101 Public Speaking (Core I)  3cr
CRN: 50004
Date/Day: June 4-27 MTWTh
Time: 6:15P-8:45P
Instructor: Ron Conrad Room: 139
This course is a performance course in public speaking. Students will apply the principles of oral public communication in speeches presented to the class. Emphasis will be placed on controlling fear while speaking extemporaneously in a clear/concise/organized manner.  (Early Start eligible)


M145 Math for the Liberal Arts (Core V) 3cr
CRN: 50007
Date/Day: June 4-July 18
Time: 4P-5:30P
Instructor: Mike Hunter Room: 139
Prerequisite: C- or better in M095, Math Placement Test, or consent of instructor. This course applies mathematics to a variety of disciplines. It is designed for non-math/science majors. It includes matrices and applications to systems of linear equations, applications to the natural sciences, social sciences, and games. There is an introduction to financial math, sets, counting theorems, elementary probability, and statistics. (Early Start Eligible)


HSTA101 American History I (Core III) 3cr
CRN: 50006
Date/Day: June 4-27 MTWTh
Time: 1P-3:30P
Instructor: Ehinger Room: 140
This is a survey of the origins and development of the United States and its people from Native American civilizations through the end of the Civil War. Topics include exploration and colonization, the religious and economic motives for settling the American colonies, the origins of slavery, the effort to separate the colonies from England, the formation of the American republic, westward expansion, the industrial revolution, sectional conflict and the Civil War, and postwar reconstruction and reunification. (Early Start eligible)


PSYX100 Intro to Psychology
(Core III)  3cr  CRN: 50008
Date/Day: July 9-
August 1 MTWTh
Time: 9A-11:30A
Instructor: Korpi Room: 139
This course is an introduction to the methods and observations in the field of Psychology including exploration of Biological Psychology, Thought, Language and Learning, Memory, Social Psychology, Emotion and Motivation. Selected study of other areas related to student interests plus introduction to newer realms of the world of Psychology. (Early Start Eligible)


WRIT101 College Writing I
(Core I)  3cr
CRN: 50010
Date/Day: July 9-
August 1 MTWTh
Time: 1P-3:30P
Instructor: Joe Drivdahl Room: 139
Prerequisite: Successful completion of WRIT095, score of 62 or above on COMPASS Placement Exam, or consent of instructor. This course includes instruction in the expository skills necessary to the writing of compositions. Students are taught units of discourse designed to provide them with ideas & information suitable to the purpose, limitations of time, & audience. Some emphasis will be given to instruction in critical, persuasive, & evaluative skills in English composition. Students will be expected to demonstrate effective word choice, effective sentence structure & observe the conventions of Standard English grammar, spelling, & usage. (Early Start Eligible)

For further info call Deb @ 377-9400.

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