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A unique opportunity to students enrolled in the AAS or the AS Business Management degree program.

Dawson Community College is pleased to announce that Cross Petroleum of Glendive is offering a unique opportunity to students enrolled in the Associates of Applied Science or the Associates of Science Business Management degree program. 

Cross Petroleum operates several retail stores and a wholesale bulk operation in Glendive with plans to significantly expand their business interests.  Cross will be expanding their workforce and is in need of employees wishing to advance into management positions.  Cross is offering, to qualified applicants, the chance to work and study at the same time.  Cross will pay student tuition and employ the student(s) in a management training program.  Students will work 20 to 30 hours per week while attending classes.  Students will earn a market wage.  Students will also earn one credit per semester for their work efforts (see attached syllabus).

The two degree options for students are an Associates of Science (AS) and an Associates of Applied Science (AAS).  The AS degree is a two year transfer degree geared towards preparing students for success at a four year university.  Students will take required and elective classes that will easily transfer within the Montana University System and to universities outside of Montana.  The AAS degree is a two year program geared towards preparing students to enter the workforce.  The AAS degree covers a variety of courses that present valuable information to prepare students for a successful business career.  A copy of the AAS plan of study is attached to this letter. 

For students taking advantage of this opportunity, DCC will coordinate academic needs with Cross’s business needs to provide students with real life assignments and projects.  Students will have an opportunity to help Cross solve business problems while fulfilling class requirements.

Students seeking admission to this program should contact Associate Professor Patrick Cunningham ([email protected] or 406-377-9445) or Mr. Gary Francis of Cross Petroleum (406-939-0853).  Enrollment at DCC is open to all individuals.  Cross Petroleum will interview applicants for acceptance into the program.  Cross will have final say as to who will earn the tuition payment.

Cross Petroleum has agreed to pay the student’s tuition costs.  Tuition will be paid directly to the college by Cross and will be considered employee compensation for tax purposes.  Students will be responsible for fees, room, board and books.  Additional financial assistance may be available for students.  Applicants are encouraged to visit DCC’s website and student services offices for more information on financial assistance.

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