Dino Paleontology - A Summer of Discoveries

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First day of class.

Geoscience instructor Alan Brown, from Tennessee State University, provided an update this week about the Introduction to Dinosaur Paleontology course he taught at Dawson Community College in Glendive this past July. He shared details about the class and what they found in the Badlands surrounding Glendive.
"The Paleontology class went great! All the students did well and enjoyed the experience." said Brown. "Unfortunately we did not find any bones on the school's property. We did, however, find a lot on the Baisch ranch property.

The age of the Hell Creek Formation the class explored, is between 65 and 68 million years old. The dig turned up several bones, mostly Triceratops and one large T-Rex tibia. "Some of the most exciting things we found were not dinosaur bones, but rather, a partial Garfish (lots of scales and a few bones), a nearly complete turtle shell and a fossilized palm tree. The palm tree was probably the rarest of our finds."

Brown says he will be back next July and will teach the course as long as students sign up. "We will undoubtedly be digging in the same areas." Every year more of the badlands wash away so additional bones might be exposed even in places Brown and his class have dug before.

People interested in the Introduction to Dinosaur Paleontology course taught by  Alan Brown can contact the Dawson Community College Office of Instructional Services @377-9405.

More pictures available on the Facebook page, courtesy of Alan Brown.

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