DCC Students March Featured Artists at the downtown DCAU Gallery

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DCC Painting Students spring 2014

The DCAU Gallery     March Featured Artists of the Month
March 2 - March 28

“Exploring Color Harmonies”

Dawson Community College Painting Students

Jamie Aiken, Derek Atwell, Patricia Bodily, Berenise Esparza, Marilyn Green, Kenady Hall, Brooke Herring, Meg Mulvena, Brad Pichler, Jesse Schaaf, Haley Swan, Jacquelinn Thomas,
Jessica Willick, Riyadh Asad, Deryk Pearsall, Alli Silvernale, and Justine Taylor


Dawson Community College’s painting students are The Artists of the Month for March at The DCAU Gallery in downtown Glendive, Montana. The show features 17 artists and includes 80 6”x6” acrylic and oil paintings. These wonderful artworks are the result of the first painting project of the semester exploring color harmonies.

Please join us for the artists’ reception on Sunday, March 2 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come meet the artists, enjoy the artwork, conversation, and refreshments. We hope that you will come and support the arts, as well as Dawson Community College’s budding artists.

The 17 featured artists are Jamie Aiken of Ogden, Utah, Derek Atwell of Glendive, Patricia Bodily of Ogden, Utah, Berenise Esparza of Bellevue, Washington, Marilyn Green of Glendive, Kenady Hall of Billings, Brooke Herring of Glendive, Meg Mulvena of Rockglen, Saskatchewan, Canada, Brad Pichler of Polson, Jesse Schaaf of Glendive, Haley Swan of Billings, Jacquelinn Thomas of Billings, Jessica Willick of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, Riyadh Asad of Springfield, Massachusetts,  Deryk Pearsall of Great Falls, Allison Silvernale of Glendive, and Justine Taylor of Belgrade.

The March Featured Artists Exhibit will be on view at The DCAU Gallery through Friday, March 28. The Gallery is located at 109 N. Merrill Ave. Gallery hours are noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. To view the exhibit by special appointment, call 406-377-6508.

Coincidentally, Art Squared is the 2014 DCAU Gallery annual fundraiser event. Several of the March Artists of the Month artworks will be for sale in the fundraiser. All of the Art Squared artworks are 6”x6” and will be sold for $1 per square inch, for a total of $36 for each piece, to be split between The DCAU Gallery and the artist. The sale kicks off at the Spring Fling event April 11 at the EPEC. Following the Spring Fling, the remaining Art Squared artworks will be featured and for sale on April 12 at The DCAU Gallery annual Chocolicious Evening event.

The Chocolicious Evening, featuring Art Squared, will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with a charge of $10 per person. The community is invited to enjoy an evening of delicious hor d’oeuvres, everything chocolate, along with wine and beverages, and door prizes. Art Squared and the Chocolicious Evening events are designed to promote area artists, and to be unique fundraisers for The DCAU Gallery, a non-profit organization.

The following are brief introductions to the 17 featured artists.

Jessica Willick grew up by the small town of Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan Canada.  She is a freshman in college. She is on the rodeo team.  She has always liked the "arts", and so far she is enjoying her first painting class.

Justine Taylor is from Belgrade Montana. She loves all sorts of sports and anything competitive. She also loves the outdoors and loves to go camping and fishing. She is currently a sophomore in college. She came to DCC to play basketball and softball, but this year she chose to just play softball. She really enjoys painting and drawing and she’s glad she’s gotten to take art classes here at Dawson.

Derek Atwell sees the world a little differently than most people because he is autistic. That is why he enjoys drawing and painting because there is no right or wrong way to express himself on paper. He loves animals and he has two dogs and a cat. He, also, enjoys puzzles, word search and Legos.

Marilyn Green is a Montana native, who like the ever changing world around her, enjoys experimenting with different art forms. She is thankful to God for the gift of life and for allowing her to be a wife, mother and grandmother.

Jackie Thomas is from Billings, Montana. She came to Glendive on a scholarship to pursue her career in softball. She enjoys the outdoors and she loves to go boating in the summertime. Art interested her here at DCC and that’s why she chose to take painting.

Alli Silvernale is from Glendive Montana. She loves the outdoors and working with animals. She also loves art which is one of the many reasons she chose to attend DCC.

Jesse Schaaf has lived his entire life in Glendive and graduated from DCHS in 2013. He is currently attending DCC with plans of transferring to the University of Montana to major in Secondary History Education.

Berenise Esparza is from Bellevue, Washington. She loves to dance and her favorite season is the summer time because she enjoys being outside. She also enjoys being an art student because it’s relaxing and open to creativity.

Kenady Hall is from Billings MT. She loves hunting, fishing, and anything outdoors. She came to DCC to play softball. She took painting to get her creative side in tune.

Meg Mulvena is from Rockglen, Saskatchewan Canada.  She is currently attending college at Dawson, on a Rodeo Scholarship. She took painting to be able to express herself easier, and has been enjoying it.

Deryk Pearsall is from Centerville, Montana. His passions consist of basketball, football, hunting and being outdoors. He is attending DCC on a basketball scholarship and he chose to enroll in a painting class because he thought it may be fun even though he is not skilled in the art of painting.

Riyadh Asad is from Springfield, Massachusetts. Springfield is the birthplace of basketball and also is the location of the basketball hall of fame. That’s probably where all of his love for basketball comes from.  He came to DCC because of a basketball scholarship he received. He decided to take painting class because he thought he could learn how to paint.

Bradley Alan Pichler is from a small town that is west from Glendive called Polson. His daily activities consist of playing baseball with his fellow teammates, making music, and doing whatever it is that needs to be done. He was born in Everett, Washington and he plans on moving back as soon as he is done with College to pursue his passion for skateboarding.  He is attending DCC on a baseball scholarship and can’t wait for the season to begin.

Jamie Aiken is from Ogden, Utah. This is her second year at DCC. She is on the softball team and majoring in elementary education. She loves art because it gives her a chance to escape and relax from life.

Patricia Bodily is from Ogden, Utah. She is a catcher on the DCC softball team, which is the reason she came here. Her passions consist of motorcycles, softball, art, hunting, snowboarding, and four wheeling.  She took painting to get away from all the stress, to relax and escape from this crazy college life.

Brooke Herring is a Glendive native. She came to DCC to play basketball. She loves sports. She swims competitively, and plays basketball and tennis. Her favorite animal is a cat. She took painting because she needed an art credit.

Haley Swan is from Billings, Montana. She plays softball for DCC as a catcher. Softball is a huge part of her life. It is what she loves to do.  She loves to do outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, boating, and long boarding. Art is not something she spends much time concentrating on.  But she does not mind doodling in her free time.

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