Core Values

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Discover, Connect, and Contribute are the overreaching standards by which mission fulfillment at Dawson Community College is measured and upon which strategic planning is focused. Each theme is a platform of purpose and each is presented through a myriad of strategic initiatives designed to meet or strengthen that core value.

Core Value One:Discover their world through excellent academic programs” it is the primary theme and guides our stewardship for all educational endeavors, instructors, budgets, buildings, and programs. The objectives of core value one are to prepare, provide and assess the curriculum needs of the transfer program and the needs of the career and technical education curricula. In addition, core value one strives to prepare, provide and assess services in basic skills and/or college readiness and programs that promote lifelong learning.

The objectives within this first core value are measured for success based upon the college success indicators such as retention and graduation rates with additional indicators specific to each objective.

Core Value Two: “Connect with other through campus and community activities” signifies the importance of providing opportunities for students to develop a sense of community partnership and is identified as a worthy theme for the college that helps improve student success and retention. Services provided under this value are those traditionally grouped under the campus life experience. The activities and services within this theme begin with an identified need, plan to achieve or meet the need and continued measurements of fulfillment. Core value two provides the opportunities for student development of citizenry within a larger community or group.

The objectives within this second core value are to provide, maintain and assess service learning, extra-curricular programs and campus life services.

Core Value Three: “Contribute to relevant educational lifelong learning experience(s)” is the focus of the last core value and is the basis of the word which comprises our middle name – community. Our purpose is to support the educational growth and development of our community. Through lifelong learning the college contributes positively to the environment in which we live and work.

The objectives within the third value are to provide, maintain and assess business related educational services, community service activities and educational enrichment opportunities. Dawson Community College is committed to providing enrichment activities and educational opportunities to meet the needs of our service area from which we receive financial support. Our goal is to be responsive to the citizens we serve through programs offered outside the core college curriculum. The objectives represent a component of the educational program and support the goal of Contribute through learning and prepare, provide and assess services and programs that promote lifelong learning.  

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