Campus Security

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following individuals for their assistance compiling the Emergency Management Plan. The safety and security of our students and employees are important to us. With continual communication, preparation and coordinating local resources, this plan will remain a working document as we strive for a safe learning environment.

Dawson Community College Safety Committee

Physical Plant Director – Glenn Kuehn

Head of Maintenance – Casey Malkuch

Head Custodian – Todd Vashus

Classified Staff Representative – Virginia Boysun

Faculty Representative – Tom Reeves

Faculty Representative – Jim LeProwse

Faculty Representative – Don Mast

Housing Director – Mike Sikveland

Dean of Administrative Services – Justin Cross

Dean of Student Services – Joyce Ayre

Community Committee Members

Eastern Montana Impact Coalition – Regional Planner – Guy Hopkins

Eastern Plains Economic Development – Jason Rittal

Mid-Rivers Rural Economic Development – Kathy McLane