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Nick Staffileno - Assistant Director of Recruiting

Nick Staffileno - Assistant Director of Recruiting

As Assistant Director of Recruiting, it is my goal to help you determine if DCC is the right next step for you. I am not looking just to recruit you to boost DCC enrollment numbers- I want to help you have the information to decide if DCC is in fact the best next place for you. We have an amazing school culture here. It really feels like a home away from home! And we have great programs that are led by caring, knowledgeable professionals and faculty.

If you are even slightly considering coming to Dawson Community College, I would love to talk to you. You can read all about a college on a website, but until you chat with a real person at that institution, you probably cannot know if you would thrive or sink there. Please use the contact information listed below to call or email me, and I would be thrilled to talk with you.

Contact Information

Office Location: Main Building, Front Office

Phone: 406-377-9419

Email: nstaffileno@dawson.edu