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Staci Rothamer - Assistant to the President

Staci Rothamer - Assistant to the President

Contact Information

Office Location: 122

Phone: 406-377-9401

Email: srothamer@dawson.edu

About Me

Hometown: Loyal, Wisconsin

What's your favorite part of your job at Dawson Community College? Working back in education as well as working under Scott Mickelsen once again after having worked under him at a college in Wisconsin for 5 years. The staff are very helpful and welcoming!

What's your proudest moment during your time at Dawson Community College? So far it has been to get to know the staff at the college as well as cheer on the sports teams!

What's the best thing about Eastern Montana? The beauty of it is unbelievable and I am thankful each time I drive into work and the drive home to have the views I have.

What would the title of your autobiography by? A New Beginning of Something Great

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? Having a cookout with family and friends, sitting around a fire talking, telling stories, hearing others life accomplishments.

What is the last book you read? It has been a while since I have read a book but that is on my bucket list - read the ones I already have again.

What is the last concert you attended? Thomas Rhett with my daughter.

What are two things you can't live without? Family and friends.