About the Library

Library Collections

The DCC Library supports the college’s curriculum by providing access to a wide variety of information resources. The library staff works closely with college faculty to provide materials for classes. The library collection includes approximately 20,000 volumes, carefully-chosen periodical subscriptions, state and US census documents, and a variety of audiovisual materials. Online databases provide access to many thousands journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

About the Library Catalog

The DCC Library catalog can be used to locate books, periodical titles, government documents, audiovisuals, and other materials owned by nearly every Montana academic library.  Each library’s collection is different, so the consortium offers a wide variety of materials in various formats. Books, journals, audiovisuals and other specialized materials are all included in the combined OMNI catalog. Most items may be checked out, through interlibrary loan, to users of any OMNI library. Usual turnaround time for delivery is two to four business days.

Searching the Library Catalog

The DCC/OMNI catalog can be used to search for materials held in any or all of the nine OMNI libraries. The catalog is designed to allow the user to search all nine libraries at once or to limit a search to any one specific library.

Books, periodical titles, videos, CDs, and other non-print materials may be searched by author, title, subject, or call number. Author, title, and subject headings are browsed or searched by keyword. Browsing allows one to view an alphabetic list, while keyword searching lists all records containing those words, possibly in a different order or in different fields.

Searching at a Glance

Browse by TITLE when you know the title of the work you want to locate. When the first word of a title is the article “a”, “an”, or “the”, or their foreign language equivalents, search under the second word of the title. However, do not ignore articles in the middle of titles. When searching for common titles such as “Annual Report,” “Bulletin,” or “Proceedings,” it may be helpful if you search by a more distinctive element such as author.

Search by TITLE keyword if you know part of or a few words of the title. As mentioned above, first articles should not be used, and common titles need more distinctive words added.

Browse by AUTHOR when you know the name of the author for whose works you are looking and type last name first, first name next. Authors are usually individuals, but may be companies, institutions, government agencies, or conference names. Examples: Howard, Joseph Kinsey; American Chemical Society; United States Census Office; or Seminar of Humanists and Homemakers.

To search by AUTHOR keyword, type the name in any order. Individuals and other entities are searchable here also.

Search by SUBJECT to find works regarding a particular subject. A subject may be a topic, an individual, a geographic name, a company, an institution, a government agency, etc. Examples: Social interaction; Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968; Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Use as specific a term as possible for the subject. If you are not certain what subject heading to use for a search, ask a librarian for help.

The Library Catalog does not index individual articles in journals. To search for articles in periodicals, use the computerized or print indexes located in the Reference area.

Information in the Library Catalog

The brief display for any item in the catalog gives author, title (or first portion of the title), publication year, and call number. Click on view for more details about the material.

The call number is found in the full view, near the end of the record. Look here for details including which libraries hold the item. This portion of the record provides the call number, which is the “address” of the book, and also tells you if an item is currently in the STACKS or if it is CHECKED OUT.

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