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The cost of books per semester for a student taking 13 credits averages around $500.00. This amount varies according to a students field of study, and credit load. Please see the price list below to estimate your costs.

CCCOnline Books –  CCCOnline students, your books are purchased through Pikes Peak Community College click here to go to their website.

Spring 2020 On Campus Book List & Prices

If a book has an * in front of it that means the book has not been validated or approved by the current instructor. The Campus Store recommends not purchasing until the * has been removed.

(Books & prices are subject to change please read *Notice below for policy).

Art Kits (required supplies) – Spring 2017

Foundations of Art    



*NOTICE: All textbooks and course materials are subject to change. Pricing information is also subject to change without notice.  Textbooks with * Books were used previous semester but not verified by current instructor for this term. Please be aware that this list is updated as we receive new orders and cancellations from faculty, and shipments from publishers. Note that because text information can change at any time due to faculty changes, cancelled classes, publisher substitutions, price changes, etc. DCC Bookstore is NOT RESPONSIBLE for information used on this listing for the purchase of texts from other sources. Those purchases are made at the student’s risk. Students purchasing materials at DCC Bookstore are protected under our Returns Policies. If you are enrolled in a course which is not listed, it may mean we have not been supplied with a textbook requisition from the instructor or academic department. It may also mean no book is required for the class.