Tutoring is a free service to Dawson students and is offered in an individual setting. Our tutors have knowledge in specific subjects and will act as a learning resource for you with the goal of helping you excel academically. Tutors will help you review and study what you've learned in class, as well as develop sound study habits, but will not do your homework for you. The tutor will do their best to explain the material you are struggling with, but the more prepared you are to ask questions, the better the tutor will be able to help you. 

Students are expected to come prepared for tutoring by bringing their syllabus, course materials, textbook, and questions. Remember to also utilize the expert in your class: the faculty member teaching the course. Faculty are experts in their fields and are a great resource. You may request a tutor by phone at 406-377-9465 or email at jlanglois@dawson.edu. Students and tutors will work together to determine the best way to conduct tutoring services, along with create a schedule of time and place to meet. Tutoring is offering during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.